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How to Edit Thank You Page Settings

How to Edit Thank You Page Settings

The Thank You Page settings had been streamlined for easy access and modification in the Card Form layout. It is now located in the BUILD tab of the Form Builder.
It can be accessed right away by scrolling down to all the questions and after the SUBMIT button.

There are 2 options in the Thank You Page Settings.
* Show a Thank You Page after submission
* Redirect to an external link after submission

Show a Thank You Page after submission options:
1. Action Buttons - add options to Fill form, Download Submission PDF, and Edit Submission.
2. Form Fields - add the fields on the custom thank you message

Redirect to an external link after submission:
This will redirect after form submission to your own custom thank you page URL or external website.


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  • OVBC_Team

    Can I change the background Colour of the Thank You Page in card form? It seems that they are all BLUE!
    Hoping you can assist..

  • cmalessi312

    How can i remove a field from thank you page? I accidentally added "name" 3x

  • uniquesports

    Hi, I can't edit the thank you page - when I click it, it gives me the two radio buttons, but whichever I click, I can't scroll to edit.

  • NXcontact

    Thank you so much,

    Actually I have already created this thank you page link to redirect in Unbounce.

    But now I need that "If someone filled the form that is from Jotform (in Unbounce landing Page) then it should be showing in Facebook ads that one lead is done.

    Because what happens that If I will just put the Thank You page URL as a trigger in Facebook event, it shows as new lead even if someone refresh the page by chance.

    All these things I need is to just track the leads in facebook ads, as unfortunately Facebook is not able to track the leads in my particular campaigns where I used first time Unbounce landing page (Integrated jotform).

    FYI, I have already put the facebook Pixel code to all the pages in Unbounce with this URL (,

    which is not tracking any leads, and these pixel code is for leads, Do you think I need to use some other kind of Pixel code?

    I hope you understood my problem, if not, do not hesitate to ask me more in details.


  • Carlota Stewart

    On the thank you page, customers are getting a "You can view and edit your submission later here" . How can I disable this? My customers must not change their forms after submition.

  • enoch

    is there a way to change the thank-you page after the form has been published?

  • Marques_Hugo

    How do I change the size of the test on the thank you page?

  • ken4ward

    Thank you. very grateful for this.

  • Eitaform


    Is it possible to edit that thank you page. I want to add a google pixel to track conversion from adwords. How can I edit the HTML, is this possible? If not what is an alternative?

  • FranckMuller

    How can I add a form field ? I see the option on regular forms but not on Card forms..

    I need to add a special field in the thank you page as shown here:

    Thank you,