How to Create a Jotform Card

February 22, 2024

Jotform Cards is a mobile-friendly form layout that you can use to present your form. With some unique features, it improves user experience by asking questions one at a time, which enhances respondent focus.

To create a card form

  1. Go to My Forms and select Create Form in the upper-left corner.
  2. Select Start From Scratch.
  3. Select Card Form and start customizing your form in the Form Builder.
Steps to create a card form

Below are the basic parts of a card form.

Welcome Page

The Welcome page serves as the very first page or card that your form fillers will see. The Welcome page is a great way to introduce your organization and briefly explain your form’s purpose. Connecting with your respondents early increases the likelihood of them filling it out.

Jotform Card Welcome Page

The Cards

Compared with traditional forms, Jotform Cards present the questions one at a time as cards. It significantly improves focus and reduces page noise.

A sample contact card form

Progress Bar

The progress bar encourages form completion by letting your respondents know how much they’ve completed. Form fillers are more likely to complete your form when there’s a visual indicator of their overall progress.

The progress bar in a card form

Thank You Page

After completing your form, your respondents go to your Thank You page confirming their submission was received. You can use this to display a custom message or additional instructions.


See also: How to Change Your Form Layout.

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