How to Create a Jotform Card?

February 14, 2022

It’s finally here! Introducing Jotform Cards: The friendly way to ask.

So, you wanted to create one yourself? Before we get started, let’s break down the anatomy of a Card Form into sections:

Welcome Page

This will serve as the very first page or card that your customers will see. The Welcome Page is a great way to introduce your organization and to briefly explain the purpose of your form. By connecting with your respondent early in the form, it increases the likelihood they’ll fill it out.


The Cards Themselves

Compared with traditional forms, Jotform Cards present the questions one at a time, as cards. Despite our best efforts, human eyes can only read one thing at a time. And even if you could read two things at once, you can’t type out answers to multiple form questions simultaneously. That’s why we made Jotform Cards show one question at a time. It significantly improves focus and reduces page noise.


Progress Bar

This is invaluable for letting your respondents know how much they’ve completed. The progress bar goes one step further and indicates completed questions with a bright green dot. It’s a gamification feature that encourages form completion. People are more likely to complete a task when there’s a visual indicator of their overall progress.


Thank You Page

And of course, on form completion, your respondents will still be presented with a Thank You page that confirms their submission was received. Use this to thank them for completing the form or provide further instructions on what to do next.


Now that we’re familiar with what a Card Form looks like, it’s time to build one.

How to Create a Card Form

  1. Go to your My Forms page.
  2. Click the Create Form button.
  3. Select Start From Scratch.
  4. Then choose the one on the right, Card Form.

That’s basically it! You can now start building your form.

For those who have used the Form Builder before, this is a familiar sight. A few options were changed here and there but it’s still the same Form Builder you loved and used with the Classic Form layout.

Fiddle around with the new options you see and have fun building forms! As an inspiration on how easy it is to build one, have a look at our webinar video where our Jotform staff (two lovely ladies, Annabel and Leeyen) demonstrated the key features and unique selling points of Jotform Cards.

And here’s a simple Booking Form showcasing Jotform Cards:

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