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How to Assign a Custom Name to a PDF Document with PDF Editor

How to Assign a Custom Name to a PDF Document with PDF Editor

Our new PDF Editor now lets you create a beautiful PDF template for your submissions, and at the same time, create multiple PDF documents that you can also use to send a personalize PDF based on the user input in the form.

With these improvements, the customization doesn't end there. Our old editor only gives you the file with the submission ID as the file name. Now, with our new PDF Editor, you can assign a custom name to the PDF file based on the field input in the form. So, how to change the file name of the PDF document? Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to My Forms page and select the form you want to customize as PDF.

2. Click on More.

3. Click on the Create PDF Document option:

Or, go to and choose the form from the dropdown:

4. In the PDF Editor, go to the Customize tab.

5. Navigate to the middle part of the window.

6. Find and click the PDF FILE NAME box to bring up the list of fields:

7. Choose the fields that you'd like to use for the PDF file name. The PDF Editor will automatically save your changes, but make sure to see the indicator at the top bottom of the form title:

And that's how you change the file name of the PDF document of your forms.

If you have any questions, any difficulties changing the name, please let us know in the comments below or head over to our support forum

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  • lbrian

    Is this a paid or free feature? I am unable to see the 'Customize' tab in the PDF Editor (I can't see any tabs under 'Layout Settings').

  • Genyk

    This tutorial is outdated.... the pictures don't help much...

  • TropForms


    I'd like to keep Drive all the products PDF's Responses saved in the same Invoice folder.
    So the folder will be only the Invoice name and all the products (forms responses) saved inside this folder.
    Is that possible?
    Regards, André

  • TropForms

    Hey guys!
    I've integrated with GDrive, but the PDF files name are becoming the folder name established for GDrive.
    Example: I set up in PDF Editor files name as {invoice} - {product_sku} and at GDrive integration I set up only {invoice}.

    The PDF Files name that I'm receiving by email is complete {invoice} - {product_sku} but the ones that are being saved in Drive are becoming only with {invoice}. Is there a way to change this?

  • afchildrensservices

    This only works for forms that have been completed- EVERY TIME I receive a submission I have to come in and rename the file this way. It defeats the purpose of having the file automatically attach to the emailed version/notice.