How to Email Different PDF Document Templates Based on Users’ Answers

October 31, 2021

Let’s say you are creating an events registration form with multiple sign-up dates or other options, and you would like to email the form respondents specific submission PDFs based on their choices.

Luckily with our new PDF Editor, you can automatically turn form submissions into styled PDFs (see this blog post for more information). Moreover, you can add multiple PDF document templates to a single form, and then email them based on a form conditional logic. For example, it could be PDFs with different location information, various PDF contracts, PDFs with limited data emailed to different departments, and more.

To illustrate this we will use a form with a Select Event question.


To add a PDF Document template, in the PDF editor, click on the New PDF and then on the New PDF Document.


You can add your custom content and style the PDF templates.

We will need to add separate Email Autoresponders with different PDFs attached.


You can select which PDF submission template to attach via the Advanced settings of the autoresponder (detailed guide).


The last part is to add the email conditions.


Condition #1 example:


Repeat the same for other autoresponders. We have 4 email conditions in our sample case.


This is it, the form will automatically generate the submission PDFs based on your PDF templates and email them based on the users’ answers.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below!

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