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How Do I Receive SSL Submissions?

How Do I Receive SSL Submissions?

UPDATE: We are happy to announce that by default, all form direct links and embed codes are now secured by default. You can learn more about this news on our blog post here.

Secure or SSL Forms are for secure communications between the client (i.e the end user of your form) & JotForm's servers. These communications are encrypted to prevent snooping by a 3rd party, this will make the communication between the server and client secure.

Note: If you don't have a secure web server (i.e your website's address doesn't start with https) and you embed a secure form into the webpage, the end user's web browser will report the connection as not being entirely secure. In these instances, it may be better to provide a link to the form using its JotForm URL.

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  • BMRider

    We have a Form that Encrypts the data but I can get the the key to decrypt the data but my colleague can't get it to work. I have given him the Key...
    Does the Key have to be in a specific place on our computers to enable decryption?

  • Purcahsing

    Just to love Jotform with a passion, but you guys screwed up everything! Were you people drunk! Now Machform has passed you . Fire the moron that invented version 4.

  • bdoodle

    I don't have a secure web server, but I'd like my pages that just have a banner, footer and navigation buttons along with embedded forms to appear as secure. What does it mean above when it says, "it may be better to provide a link to the form using its JotForm URL."? I don't understand what to do or what the result will be.

  • abboushi

    I noticed that all the information that is collected is sent to the email of the client when they fill out a form and this is an e mail that is sent when they complete it. It lists all the submitted answers and this is not secure. We have to edit the email to take that information off. So this is not by default and it should be made aware since this is not noticeable immediately.

  • ahmedsaad32

    I can't find "Secure Form" . Please advices

  • travelingkandi

    This is outdated

  • VenessaChow

    I can't find "Secure Form" . Please advices

  • Lyza

    I follow the steps in securing the form with SSL, and now the email i recieved is encrypted and cannot be read, how to return my form into not encrypted?

  • dmrinsights

    Does this mean I can safely collect banking details to send payments to persons.

  • Gerhard Petterson

    My new job had asked for one

  • lisamacphoto

    I am using a template which allows for me to use my own background image. However, once I set it up and tried to load the form, I got the firefox warning box because my image is not secure and had to add an exception in order for it to load. Obviously, I don't want users to have to do that. Is there a way around that?

  • Maurice Lewis

    My account got suspended even though we're collecting sensitive data... I thought the whole purpose of the SSL certificate was to be able to collect such data. Can you please inform me of what needs to be done so that I can comply...

  • RawsonSaunders

    I'm using Stripe integration to collect credit card information. Does doing so allow me to add a security certificate seal to my form? When I click "Preview," the link is https, so it seems like it is automatically adding that security, but the secure form checkbox listed under #2 in the instructions is no longer available when I click the Embed Form button.

  • aktour

    Before I upgraded, I had been blacklisted twice simply for trying the SSL feature. I was never warned not to use it. Now I have upgraded and would like to use it but I am so afraid I'll get blacklisted and locked out of the Control Panel again. Can you assure me this won't happen?

  • tahch

    Is it still possible to use Jotform to collect credit card information if you have an SSL certificate?

  • Ryann Blenkiron

    I'm using the Form Generator for WordPress plugin to embed our forms and our IT department just installed an SSL certificate. I understand that now my form URLs require https:// - however, how do I achieve this via the plugin? Is the plugin now ineffective?

  • myfrei

    As far as I know, I am not using any SSL forms under the free plan, but have been told I am up to my 10 SSL per month limit? How do I find out what is using up the SSL quota of forms. It is weird as I don't have the form embedded anywhere and it is just accessed through the standard non SSL Jotform web link?

  • mruzgys

    I use free version and didn't mark checkbox for secure SSL submissions and i use my form integrated with social network.
    But stats shows that i am over limit and i got email.

  • AustralianUggBoots

    We have our own SSL certificate - is there a way to use our own cert instead of yours?

  • angeeshields

    is this secure for credit card info, or other sensitive information?

  • workshopmtsapola

    How do I remove the secure code function? I have a paying feature in my form though.

  • celilohealth

    I remember seeing an answer about HIPAA compliance on your website somewhere, but can't now find it. Does using the secure form with your URL meet HIPAA requirements?

  • Jeremy Moore

    we are using a free account. What is the limit to the number of SSL submissions in a year?

  • j2Global

    Is there a way to not send people to a verification page (a captcha) after the submission?
    I only want the form to be secured in a https, just because my web is. So if it is not secured, it will give customers a SSL error.
    Please advise

  • MohsinNaqvi

    Is there any way to create auto generated receipt for submitter with receipt number...???

  • MohsinNaqvi

    overall its a good website...

  • Barcher000

    I generated a secured code but when I publish it, instead of getting a form, it just shows the address..."http...."

    Any idea what I am missing?

  • tom

    Hi Imusing opera browser and direct jot url however the ssl security icon in browser says "site not secure" Can you advise?

  • pdsmith

    How can you take the secure encryption off of a form? I sent one out, unknowingly, then received an email saying I'm going to have to upgrade or my form will expire in 2 days.

  • mytravelplanner

    Earlier I used to recieve forms and said that it came from so & so like Jack Smith.

    Now it appears in my inbox saying it is coming from Jot Form. Can I adjust the settings to say it has come from my client.

  • dannybeen

    I've embedded the SSL on my form. However, the graphic says, "Click to Verify" and it isn't linked. How and where can I link the graphic for verification?

    Thank you,

    Pamela Cendejas for Danny Been

  • njtlaw

    I am unable to get the email submission form work. Can you help me please?



  • naba

    How can I terms of use

  • shaunnaylor

    Hi Jotform, is the SSL working fine? since the DDos attack, I get people saying that the form isn't showing, or the link has a cross through https, i have checked, and everything seems fine. this is quite important due to using payal pro. and folks entering credit card data on the form.


  • leahwansley

    just adding this in if it helps anyone, because I had problems with mine as well.... make sure you also change the word "form" to "www" in addition to adding the s to http.

    so it should be

    instead of the code jotform gives you which is

  • soportelofontecilla

    I try to open my form to insert in my secure website but does not work!

  • hardyduncan

    how can I changge back from secure submission to non-secure? I can't seem to make this work - it still uses up my secure submission quota despite apparently using a http, not https URL. thanks

  • serkan

    @emccarron All you need to do is visit and everything will be secure.

  • emccarron

    I don't want to be emailed any of the information I collect with the form because it is sensitive data. I JUST want SSL encryption so I can securely download from the site. Will changing the address to https://... accomplish that? Also, where do I make this change?

  • Glen Jones

    If I don't have a https website, what do you mean when you say I can give a link to a secure form? Thanks.

  • JotForm Support

    Please ask your questions to forum. This area is comment area for the "SSL submissions" post

  • christina

    how can i preview submissions before emailing them.