All Forms Including Free Accounts Are Now Secure

All Forms Including Free Accounts Are Now Secure

It’s always exciting to share great news. Today, we get to share great news for all Jotform users. All links and embed codes on our new Publish user interface are secure by default. In conjunction with this, we no longer limit our free users to just 10 secure submissions. All form submissions, whether secure or regular, will be counted the same.

Oftentimes form submissions will contain relatively innocuous information, and many developers may not take the time to set up a secure connection. SSL submissions are slightly more resource intensive to process. But the upside of 100% secure submissions far outweighs a nominal increase in processing time.

If you’re running a survey about people’s favorite type of cake, there’s usually no need to guard that data. But if you’re collecting email addresses, or even more personal information, you really don’t want it transferring across the open internet. With Jotform, you can keep it safe.

This change primarily affects our users on our starter plan, who were previously limited to 10 SSL submissions a month. All other users always had access to just as many secure submissions as non secure. But, previously the default embed code was the non-secure option. In order to take advantage of the secure submissions, you need to use the secure embed code or secure permanent link to your form.

On Jotform’s new interface, you can find the secure publish codes here.

Publish Secure Jotform

Some users are still on the older interface. This document shows how to get the SSL embed codes on the original Jotform interface. To that end, we’re in the process of revamping the Jotform form builder, piece by piece and rolling it out to only some of our users at a time.

Secure submissions by default are just another way Jotform gives the best to its users. Now you can know that your form responses are more secure than ever, by always using SSL form submissions.

Steve is Chief Revenue Officer at Jotform and is a prolific writer and presenter about marketing. Raised in Southern California, he earned a MBA in marketing and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. You can reach Steve through his contact form.

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