HIPAA-Compliant Online Forms

The easy and secure way to collect sensitive patient information. JotForm provides HIPAA-compliant forms and a business associate agreement (BAA) so your organization can collect health information safely and securely.

HIPAA compliance is as low as $29/month. Please follow the HIPAA rules to ensure that your handling of personal health information complies with HIPAA.

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Healthcare providers, government organizations, and nonprofits are now eligible for free JotForm plans with access to all features, including HIPAA compliance.

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Key JotForm HIPAA Form Features

Create HIPAA Forms Effortlessly

Building a HIPAA-compliant form with JotForm just takes a couple of minutes, and zero technical skill. Every question field can be added with a single click.

Schedule Appointments

Patients can easily book appointments by selecting a date and/or time on your form. With our Google Calendar integration, appointments booked through your form will automatically be created as events in your calendar.

Collect Consent Forms

Get informed consent online. Customize your medical form to describe your patients’ treatment, any possible risks, and their right to refuse treatment. Patients can submit your consent form with their legally binding electronic signature.

Collect Payments

Patients can pay bills online. With JotForm, you can embed a payment form directly onto your site that integrates with dozens of payment processors, like Square, Stripe, and Authorize.Net

Integrate with Helpful Systems

JotForm seamlessly integrates with other HIPAA-compliant software, like Google Sheets, to make your collected patient data organized and easily accessible to your team.

Enable Mobile Responses

The forms you create with JotForm are designed to be filled out on any smartphone, tablet or computer. This means your patients can schedule appointments, update their medical history, or register as a new patient anywhere.

Obtain Patient Signatures and Files

Have your patients sign the form electronically or send important documentation or images directly through your forms.

Securely Store Patient Data

Our HIPAA-compliant forms automatically encrypt form data, guaranteeing the privacy of your patients' health information. To ensure your PHI stays secure, you'll also receive a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that creates binding liability and keeps your business protected.

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