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Collect Multiple Currency Types with Jotform and PayU Right Away!

It’s never been easier to simultaneously collect customer information and payments.

Create a Form

Create a Form

Quickly build and publish a payment form using a Jotform template or our intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Add PayU

Add PayU

Adding PayU to a form is effortless; just select the icon and connect your accounts.

Get Paid

Get Paid

Once connected, your new form is ready to go! Send it to your customers so they can pay you immediately.

Jotform Makes It Easy to Collect Payments

No Extra Transaction Fees

With Jotform, you won’t be burdened with additional transaction fees every time you make a purchase. You just pay the standard PayU processing rate.


Your customers want a way to pay you electronically; Jotform and PayU make that possible. PayU is a revolutionary way to collect payments in multiple currencies across 17 countries. With Jotform’s PayU integration, your form respondents will be directed to a payment page where they’ll make the payment in their local currency. It’s a fantastic way to collect payments from customers both locally and globally.

Jotform users enjoy the simplest way to simultaneously collect payments and detailed customer information. No more back-and-forth emails when someone wants to place an order, pay a deposit, make a donation, or pay a fee. Jotform lets you collect payments in addition to all of the information you need. You can even collect digital signatures and uploaded files whenever someone submits a payment as well.

Jotform takes payment security seriously with built-in security features and full PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliance. So get started with a Jotform payment form today, and start collecting PayU payments right away!

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