Private Practice Forms with HIPAA Compliance Features

Streamline your patient intake process for your medical practice with forms with HIPAA compliance features that can be filled out on any device. Create custom forms with your own branding to register new patients, log medical history, collect consent signatures, securely store patient data, and more.

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Explore Templates for Private Practices

Don’t want to build a form from scratch? Jotform offers ready-made templates to get you started right away. Choose the one that works best for you — then customize it in seconds with our drag-and-drop form builder. No coding required.

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Drag and Drop to Customize

Customize your forms however you see fit with Jotform’s intuitive form builder. No coding knowledge required — simply drag and drop to add forms, checklists, dropdown menus, e-signature fields, consent agreements, and more. You can also add file upload fields to accept documents like medical history files from patients.

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Securely Manage Patient Data

Collect, store, and manage sensitive patient data from your secure online account with Jotform Tables. Get an overview of all your submissions in an easy-to-understand spreadsheet, plan and schedule appointments in calendar view, or view patient data as individual cards. You can also easily share data with colleagues using Jotform’s multiple sharing options.

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Streamline the Appointment Process

Get rid of messy paperwork and streamline your entire appointment process with Jotform. You can easily configure automatic appointment reminder emails, block out dates when your office will be closed, specify appointment durations, set a maximum number of appointments per day, and much more.

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100+ Integrations

Add Powerful Integrations

Take your HIPAA-enabled forms even further with Jotform’s 100+ integrations with popular services like Zapier, Salesforce, Google Drive, HubSpot, and more. You can also collect payments directly through your forms with our 30+ payment processors — without paying any additional transaction fees to Jotform.

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Generate Secure PDF Files

With the click of a button, you can turn form submissions into secure, password-protected PDF files. Send a digital copy of health reports and appointment summaries to patients via email to allow them to access documents anytime, anywhere.

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Create Beautiful Reports

Collect sensitive patient information with HIPAA-enabled forms — then use Jotform Report Builder to generate reports that update automatically as new submissions come in. You can securely share your reports with other medical staff members instantly.

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Collect Submissions on the Go

All Jotform forms are mobile-ready by default, so you can easily create and share forms with your patients to fill out on the go. You can also assign forms to specific staff members to manage — and even accept submissions without an internet connection.

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“Safe environment to store PHI and business data”

Jotform has been an asset to my mental health private practice. Jotform’s advanced workflows and cloud integration have assisted in developing more streamlined patient care. Jotform’s healthcare-centric tools and emphasis on HIPAA compliance have created a safe environment to store PHI and business data. Jotform continues to deploy critical features that far exceed the industry standards.

- Edward Darrah

Mental Health & Sport Performance Counselor, Darrah Counseling