Jotform Tables FAQ

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  • What is Jotform Tables?

    Jotform Tables is a powerful all-in-one database tool that you can use to collect, track, organize, manage, and share data. You can use different views and filters to better organize your data, and more easily share it with colleagues to collaborate online.

  • Why should I use Jotform Tables?

    If you’re looking for a simpler way to access and analyze form submissions, Jotform Tables will make online data collection and management easier than ever. You’ll be able to add data with ease and organize it in the way that works best for you. But that’s not all! You’ll also engage directly with your data in a collaborative workspace you can customize to meet your exact needs — so you can say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to a streamlined workflow.

  • Is Jotform Tables free?

    Yes, Jotform Tables is free and is available on every plan. So whether you’re on our full-featured free plan, or you’ve upgraded for additional storage through our Bronze, Silver, or Gold plans (or HIPAA compliance through our Gold plan), you can always create professional tables to better manage your data.

  • Why should I switch to Jotform Tables?

    While there are decent spreadsheet-database hybrids out there, Jotform Tables offers advanced features to help you take your data management process to a whole new level. On top of the ability to search, organize, and share your data, Jotform offers plenty of view types, integrations, free templates, and readymade column types and formulas — as well as a built-in online form builder to help streamline your data collection workflow! See what sets Jotform Tables apart with our Jotform Tables vs Airtable and Jotform Tables vs Google Tables comparison charts.

  • Which industries can benefit from Jotform Tables?

    All of them! Educational institutions, healthcare professionals, nonprofits, charities, restaurants, small businesses, and large enterprises can all benefit from using Jotform Tables to collect, import, store, and manage data for their organizations. By keeping important data in a secure, collaborative, all-in-one workspace, you can speed up your workflow, save time, and seamlessly collaborate with your team online.

  • How can I access Jotform Tables?

    There are two different ways to access Jotform Tables

    1. If you have existing forms, you can manage each form’s data in Jotform Tables. All you need to do is go to the My Forms page, select your form, and click on Submissions.
    2. If you want to create a blank table — which isn’t connected to a form — go to the My Forms page, switch to My Tables in the upper left menu, and select Create Table.
  • Can I make changes in Jotform Tables without changing the design of my online forms?

    Yes. Jotform Tables lets you update the design of your tables — by rearranging the layout, adding new column types, and more — to manage your data in the way that works best for you and your team. None of these changes will affect the form attached to your table, so you can continue collecting data uninterrupted.

  • Are there specific column types in Jotform Tables?

    Yes. You can add specific column types to your tables, including predetermined single columns, multiple selection columns with color coding, checkbox columns, star ratings, attachments, number and text fields, and email fields. You can also use formula columns for various types of calculations and connection columns to receive data from other tables or forms.

  • How many Jotform Tables can I have?

    As many as you need! There are no limits on the number of tables you can create and use.

  • Can I have a blank table that isn’t connected to a form?

    Yes, you can create a blank table that isn’t connected to an online form — these are great for storing other types of data online. Just go to the My Forms page, switch to My Tables in the upper left menu, and select Create Table to generate a blank table.

  • Can I edit form submissions in Jotform Tables?

    Yes. You can directly edit your form submissions in Jotform Tables by manually updating your data in spreadsheet view, card view, or calendar view.

  • Can multiple people edit a table at the same time?

    Yes! To collaborate with others online, you can share your table through an invitation link or invite people by email. You can also customize privacy settings to keep your information secure and stay in full control of your data. Make your table public or private, choose who can view or edit your table, allow company access only, set up limitations on who can download or print your table, and more! Visit our user guide to learn all about sharing your data with Jotform Tables.

  • Will I be able to collect data using Jotform Mobile Forms, your free mobile app?

    Yes. You can collect information on your smartphone or tablet with Jotform Mobile Forms, our free mobile app. Simply log into the app, fill out the forms connected with your tables, and watch as the data is automatically sent to your tables. You’ll then be free to view, edit, or share your data just as you would if the information had been added using a computer.

  • Can I download my data in Jotform Tables?

    Yes. You can download table entries one by one, select a few, or download them all at once as a CSV file, PDF file, or Excel file. You can also download individual attachments in your table without downloading entire entries.

  • How does Jotform Tables keep my data secure?

    Jotform takes data security very seriously. Whether you’re collecting data through online forms, storing it in Jotform Tables, or both, we’ll keep your data protected with a 256-bit SSL connection, GDPR compliance, CCPA compliance, the option to encrypt your forms, and optional HIPAA compliance for healthcare professionals. To learn more about Jotform’s data security measures, please visit our security page.

  • Is Jotform Tables HIPAA compliant?

    Users can enable HIPAA compliance features for Jotform Tables — they just need to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) first.

  • What can Jotform Tables do for healthcare professionals?

    Jotform’s HIPAA compliance features allow healthcare professionals to safely and securely use Jotform to collect and manage patient health data online. By creating and using custom online medical intake forms, patient consent forms, registration forms, declaration forms, surveys, and other healthcare forms to collect important patient data, you can streamline your paperwork process — all in line with HIPAA regulations.

  • Is Jotform Tables available for Enterprise accounts?

    Yes, Jotform Tables is available for Jotform Enterprise users. Please contact our Enterprise sales team for more information.

  • Can I email a form submission from Jotform Tables?

    You can email a form submission by clicking on the row and selecting the Forward option to open an email draft. If your form or table includes an email address field, you’ll be able to forward submissions directly to form users.

  • Can I share my Jotform Tables?

    Yes, you can share your tables with coworkers, clients, stakeholders, and more! You can send email invitations, change privacy settings, limit access to specific people, and set an expiration date to determine exactly how long users can access your tables.

  • Can I import files to Jotform Tables?

    Yes, you can import CSV, XLS, and XLSX files to Jotform Tables and manage all your data in one secure platform.

  • Will my tables be updated automatically?

    Yes! Jotform Tables will update in real time for every new form submission.

  • How do I apply filters to my tables?

    You can search through your data and apply custom filters without coding. Just click on the Filter button in the top left of Jotform Tables, select which submissions and form fields you’d like to filter, and set the conditions for your filter.

  • Can I have different tabs and views in Jotform Tables?

    Yes, you can add new tabs with spreadsheet view, card view, calendar view, uploads view, and report view. You can also create a blank tab that connects to an existing form, or import external data from a CSV, XLS, or XLSX file.

  • Can I connect different tables?

    Yes. You can connect and import data from different tables. To access these options, simply add a column and select the option to connect to another sheet. You’ll also have the option to connect your table to another form.

  • Can I add entries directly to Jotform Tables without using a form?

    Yes! You can enter information directly into Jotform Tables by filling out the database manually in table, calendar, or cards view. Jotform Tables works perfectly with or without a form — so you can easily meet all your data management needs.

  • Can I delete or retrieve entries in Jotform Tables?

    Yes. You can delete entries in Jotform Tables, either one by one or all at once. Deleted entries may be restored within 30 days before they are deleted permanently.

  • How do I add calculations in Jotform Tables?

    Jotform Tables makes it easy to set up calculations without any coding! Simply add a column in spreadsheet view and choose from the available options for text, date, numeric, and logical functions. The column will automatically apply your formula to your data with each new entry.

  • Can I see changes made to my tables?

    Yes. As the owner, you can check your table’s revision history to view all changes made to your tables, and even restore old versions — meaning you’ll never lose your data!