Clover FAQs

Check out the Clover (formerly BluePay) FAQs and get the answers. Or directly learn from our 24/7 Support Team!

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  • What is Clover (formerly Bluepay)?

    Clover is credit card processing software that small and large businesses can use to collect payments. Clover offers many different services for many different industries — including full service dining, fast food, retail stores, professional services, personal services, and home and field services. It powers online ordering and sales, card readers, point of sale (POS) systems, invoicing, and more.

  • How much does Clover (formerly Bluepay) cost?

    Clover’s cost varies depending on which industry your business belongs to and what services you need. Users pay a monthly fee rather than a percentage of each transaction. Visit the Clover pricing page to learn more about costs.

  • What is a hosted payment page?

    A hosted payment page is a web page that allows customers to pay for goods or services by filling out a form. All customer payment data is stored in the secure servers for the payment gateway you use to accept payments.

  • How do I create an online payment web page?

    You can create a form through Jotform to receive information from your users. Do it from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder or choose a free template to get a head start. Then integrate a payment gateway, like Clover, with the form to accept payments. Embed the payment form in your website to quickly create an online payment web page.

  • How does Clover work?

    Clover works by letting users accept payments online. To start accepting payments with Clover, create a Jotform payment form. You can either create one from scratch with our drag-and-drop builder or select one of our free payment form templates. Once you add your pricing and products or services, go to the Settings tab and select the Clover integration. You’ll be prompted to connect Clover and Jotform. When you’ve finished the setup, simply share or embed your form to start collecting payments.

  • Where do I find Clover monthly fees?

    Clover doesn’t charge individual transaction fees, but instead lets users pay monthly or in full. Monthly fees vary by industry and use case. Visit the Clover pricing page to learn more.

  • How do I sell products through Clover?

    To sell products through Clover, create an online payment form with Jotform — then integrate with Clover by going to the Settings tab, adding the Clover integration, and following the setup instructions. You can then share your form with a link, add it to your social media bio, embed it in your website, or have customers fill it out directly on their smartphone or tablet. It’s that simple!