BluePay FAQs

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  • What is BluePay?

    Bluepay is one of the integrated payment processing systems to support your custom requirements to receive payments from your customers.

  • How much does BluePay cost?

    There is no separate fee for Bluepay transactions from Jotform end. All you need is to subscribe to a Jotform subscription plan as per your monthly requirement of receiving payments. You may need to pay the standard processing fee by Bluepay.

  • What is a hosted payment page?

    A hosted payment page is a web page that allows customers pays for goods or services by filling out a form. All payment data of your customers are stored in secure servers of the payment gateway you accept your payments through.

  • How do I create an online payment web page?

    You may create a form using Jotform to receive information from your users and integrate a payment gateway to the form so as to accept payments.

  • How does BluePay work?

    You may connect your BluePay account to your Jotform and configure the products or services to receive payments from your users. This is how you can integrate BluePay to your form.

  • Where do I find BluePay monthly fees?

    Bluepay’s monthly fees are not readily available on its website. Yet, based on a third party’s information, BluePay charges a $15 monthly service fee, and $30 monthly PCI non-compliance fee. For further information, we suggest you to get in contact with BluePay support.

  • How to sell products through BluePay?

    You may add the BluePay payment field to the form and connect to your Bluepay account. From the same payment wizard, you may configure the products with pricing. Please check the following guide: How to Integrate BluePay with a Form.