Easiest way to collect data for Government Agencies

Jotform Enterprise is the preferred web form building platform for government agencies all around the world - from local and regional to national. Jotform Enterprise is simple, flexible and customizable, allowing you to create beautiful, customized forms that meet your needs, with response data securely stored online.


Ready to use templates

Start now with ready-to-use form templates for Government users. Save time by getting started with a professional template.

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Maintain Privacy

Collecting information has always been difficult. Jotform Enterprise makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create a custom form, and collect data in a manner that is safe and secure. Your data is also stored on a dedicated server, and you have complete control over who has access to your forms and data. Jotform is also SOC 2 Compliant, so you can rest assured we’re certified to house your sensitive data. If you need to collect sensitive health information, or if you want an extra level of security, Jotform Enterprise also offers HIPAA compliance. If you’re accepting online payments, Jotform Enterprise includes bank-level security (PCI-DSS).

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Improve Your Form Process

You can stop worrying about printing and distributing paper forms, and then waiting for them to return. Digital forms can be completed from any location using a phone, table, or computer. Plus, you can view and analyze your data instantly.


Drag and Drop Form Builder

Using Jotform Enterprise’s drag-and-drop form builder, anyone can quickly build forms for building permits, business licenses, employment applications or to reserve park space for an event. There’s an unlimited number of ways you can use Jotform Enterprise.

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Safety and Security is #1

Jotform Enterprise is PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 compliant, the highest security attainment you can have as a business that collects payments from, and integrates with, credit cards.

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Integrations Make the Process Efficient

Jotform Enterprise includes integrations with popular software tools that help you manage your workflow. These integrations include everything from CRMs and cloud storage solutions to payment processors and project management boards! Then when a form is filled out, the submission information will automatically appear in your other online accounts based on your integration settings.


Make the Most of Your PDFs

With Jotform Smart PDF Forms, you can turn PDF contracts, legal agreements, and business forms into professional online forms — giving your clients a seamless form-filling experience from any device. You can even save submissions as completed versions of the original PDF, so you can more easily print, share, and manage your records.


Admin Dashboard Makes Management a Snap

Now that you’ve collected your data, it’s time to analyze it. Our easy-to-use admin tools let your generate and publish dynamic reports based on your form submission data. Plus, you can add or delete users with a few mouse clicks.

Reference Use Cases

To improve the speed of street repair, the Public Service Department published a form to allow people to alert the city about needed street maintenance.

Created a reservation form to receive a marriage license, which eliminates unnecessary physical trips to city offices to submit paper forms.

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If employees want to donate time off to first responders and other coworkers, government employees can complete an online form to donate it to those in need.

Provided an appointment form to allow child care workers to get tested for COVID-19. This speeds up the hiring process and gets employees hired faster.

To alert witnesses they will be needed to testify in court, the police department created an appointment and registration form for witnesses.