How the County of Marin uses Jotform Enterprise to help residents during COVID-19

How the County of Marin uses Jotform Enterprise to help residents during COVID-19

Nestled just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco sits the County of Marin, governing one of the most idyllic, desirable, and affluent places in the entire U.S.

To respond to the needs of its residents, the county recently started moving its forms online using Jotform Enterprise. Within a few weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic began to ravage the world, and the county was able to respond quickly to its residents’ needs by collecting vital information via digital forms.

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Jotform spoke with Jiku Park, information technology manager for the County of Marin, to discuss how Jotform Enterprise has helped the organization.

What challenges were you trying to solve?

County of Marin had several departments that needed online forms to collect data. We initially were using a different form vendor; however, we found it difficult to use. Plus, due to the complexity of that product, we only had two people who were trained to use it. The entire process was slow and cumbersome.

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How has Jotform helped?

Hands down, Jotform Enterprise is a fantastic tool for us. We had just purchased it when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, and we suddenly had a huge demand for testing.

The Department of Public Health asked if we could do something to help arrange online scheduling, and we turned to Jotform Enterprise. Thanks to its ease of use, we were able to quickly create a very complicated screening form in both English and Spanish. People have been amazed at how fast and simple it is to create and deploy a form.

We’ve been very pleased at how easy it was to integrate Jotform Enterprise into our workflow. We have teams with tablets out in the field collecting survey results, and the data is immediately sent to our SQL database.

We’re also starting to integrate Jotform with other management systems. Even people who don’t have a lot of experience using computers are surprised at how easy it is to create a form. It’s really been revolutionary for us.

What features have provided the biggest impact?

The scheduling feature has the most impact, and it’s very popular with our departments. So much so that other departments have been asking for online forms to help with their needs, and our internal web developers are asking to use it. 

Another feature we’re planning to use is barcode scans for health samples. This will allow us to have data flowing into our SQL database, where we can analyze it in near real time.

The ability to accept digital signatures is great. For many forms, we’ve moved completely away from Docusign. We have many more use cases that will extend beyond healthcare.

Customer service is impressive and what separates Jotform Enterprise from the competition! A lot of longtime software industry staff work at the county, and they’re very impressed with the level of customer service. I can’t say enough good things about it.

How are you expanding your use of Jotform Enterprise?

The county Assessor and Recorder’s office is using Jotform Enterprise to create an online marriage license registration form. The Human Resources Department is using Jotform to help with the onboarding process for new employees, such as collecting payroll and insurance information. 

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Counties have unique challenges, even during normal times. Jotform Enterprise helps counties, municipalities, and various government agencies collect data across departments and improve efficiency. 

Learn more about Jotform Enterprise today, and get in touch with someone on our team to get started.

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