How Chandler, Arizona, is going paperless with Jotform Enterprise

How Chandler, Arizona, is going paperless with Jotform Enterprise

Backdropped by picturesque desertscapes and swaying palm trees, Chandler, Arizona is an idyllic, vibrant, diverse community located just southeast of Phoenix. With a lively downtown and easy access to outdoor recreation, Chandler embodies an active lifestyle.

In 2020, the city looked to Jotform to help collect COVID-19 data. Now, Chandler uses Jotform Enterprise for everything from distributing digital forms and collecting e-signatures to building powerful approval flows and creating reports.

“We’re very happy with Jotform Enterprise,” says Fernanda Acurio, human resources manager. “It opens up new possibilities for better serving our community and employees.”

Doing away with paper forms

Going digital, the City of Chandler has drastically streamlined its yearly retiree open enrollment processes with Jotform Enterprise. The process, which previously required 700+ paper forms and countless hours of mailing logistics, now uses a single online form with submission data automatically logged in Jotform Tables.

A woman pointing to a form that helped the City of Chandler go paperless and simplified timely processes

Jotform Enterprise has consistently helped us eliminate over 700 paper enrollment forms each year.

Fernanda Acurio, Human Resources Manager, Chandler Arizona

“Without Jotform, we would’ve had to send tons of paper enrollment forms, track them back down, then manually enter them in our system.”

Quick, easy online forms have also helped Chandler empower employees by simplifying the annual Employee of the Year selection process. With Jotform Enterprise, the city now uses online forms to seamlessly collect nominations from employees for the award.

Automating with approvals and conditional logic

By digitizing the annual open enrollment form, the City of Chandler has not only streamlined the form-sending and tracking process but greatly simplified the form-filling process for respondents.

“Our open enrollment form has 134 different conditions,” Acurio says. Conditional logic automatically shows and hides certain form fields, ensuring that respondents see only relevant information within the form.

On the back end, the City of Chandler’s forms are just as impressive, with many connected to automated workflows. 

“We use a complex workflow for our public safety referral program,” says Acurio.

After employees submit a form, it automatically flows to HR for approval. We’ve also built a probation period into the workflow, automatically reminding employees to complete the form after a certain period of time.

Fernanda Acurio, Human Resources Manager, Chandler Arizona

Reporting made easy

The City of Chandler has also been able to leverage Jotform Enterprise’s automated Report Builder to further streamline other internal processes, such as their wellness program and benefits surveys.

Automatically pulling form submission data and formatting it into an easily digestible presentation, the Report Builder is another powerful tool in Chandler’s toolbox.

“One time, we sent a survey to other municipalities to find out the benefits they offer,” Acurio says. “Then, we used the Report Builder to present the data to our HR director and city manager. Getting the presentation together was super easy.”

Speaking of super easy, Chandler has also had great success working with the dedicated Jotform Enterprise support team.

Whenever I have any questions, the Jotform team responds to me right away. It makes solving problems quick and easy.

Fernanda Acurio, Human Resources Manager, Chandler Arizona

Are you interested in learning how your organization can leverage Jotform Enterprise? Contact our Enterprise Sales team and check out more customer stories.

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