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How to Group by Single or Multiple Select Options in JotForm Tables

How to Group by Single or Multiple Select Options in JotForm Tables

The Group by function groups form submissions under each answer selection in the Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Dropdown fields. It’s a unique way of managing form submissions in JotForm Tables. 

To group your submissions, select a column that represents a Single Choice, Multiple Choice, or dropdown field. Click the settings (arrow icon) and then the Group by option. Here’s an example of a Single Choice column: 

The submissions are now grouped and displayed in JotForm Tables as shown below: 

The first group opens by default. Click the arrow to the left of each group to open it.

There is a Create a New Tab button in each group. This button will create a new tab in JotForm Tables with a filter of the selected option from the field. 

Choose your preferred group to filter, and then click the Create a New Tab button:

Enter the tab title. Click the Create Tab button, and you’re done.

The Filter looks like this: 

Even after grouping submissions, the submissions will remain in their original order if you download them as an Excel or CSV file.

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  • loisirsarundel

    How do I undo the "group by" option?

  • gestionale

    Fino a qui un utilizzo semplice; se invece, raggruppando le voci, volessi vedere i totali associati a ciascun elemento? Grazie

  • Living_Hope

    I have two different times for worship services that members must choose one. Can I cap the attendance for each event, and will it show me how many have signed up?