How to Add and Organize Columns in Jotform Tables

December 22, 2022

Jotform Tables allows you to add new columns whenever you need to. You can add basic, formula, button, or connection column types. Organize columns as you see fit. You can duplicate, reorder, and toggle columns. You can also sort data alphabetically or numerically as well as group them by answers.

Adding a New Column​

Here’s how to create a column in Jotform Tables:

  1. Choose whether to add or insert a new column:
    • To add a new column click on Add found at the right end of column headings. Or, click on the Columns button on the upper right, then select Add a new column.
    • To insert a new column, click on a column heading’s down angle icon, then select Insert column from the menu.
tables-add-column-heading-min-png tables-add-new-column-min-png tables-insert-column-min-png
  1. In the Add a New Column window, choose a column type then click on Next.

You can switch categories — Basic, Formula, Buttons, or Connection — by clicking on the tab of the same name at the top.

  1. Next, enter your desired column name.
  1. Depending on the column type, click on Create Column or Next.
  2. If applicable, follow the instructions in the column creation wizard to complete the process.
    For more information on non-basic column types, see Advanced Formula and Action Buttons.

Organizing Columns

There are several ways to organize your columns. Depending on what you need, you can organize your columns using the Columns button, the column menu, or by interacting directly with the columns.

Columns Button

The Columns button can be found in the upper right corner. Click on it to open the Show/Hide Columns window.


From there, you can do the following:

  • Search columns.
  • Show or hide columns by toggling on their checkbox. Clicking on Select All will toggle the visibility of all the columns.
  • Rearrange columns by dragging and dropping them vertically.
  • Change columns’ read and write permission by clicking on their lock icon.
  • Create a new column by clicking on Add a new column.

Tab Menu

You can also manage the columns from the tab menu by clicking on the tab’s vertical ellipsis icon and selecting Manage columns.


Unlike the Columns button, the tab menu’s Manage columns option is limited to rearranging and showing or hiding columns.

Column Menu

To open the column menu, click on the column headings down angle icon.


The column menu has a variety of options you can perform like freezing, duplicating, renaming the column, and more. Some options are unique to certain column types like the Group by option.

Column Headings

There are also some actions you can perform by interacting with the column headings. For example, double-clicking on the column heading’s text allows you to rename the column.


You can also rearrange columns by dragging and dropping the column headings.

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