How to Add and Organize Columns in JotForm Tables

February 22, 2021

JotForm Tables allows you to add new columns whenever you need to. When adding new columns, you can choose from a number of column types, including basic elements from your form, such as Short Text, Long Text, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Email Address, etc.

Organize columns as you see fit. Sort data alphabetically, numerically, and based on a specific answer selection. You can reorder columns and expand the name field to display both the first and last name columns. You can even duplicate a column with or without the corresponding entries.

Adding a New Column​

  1. If you want the new column to be the last in JotForm Tables, click the Add button at the top right corner of the table.
    Add Button

    You can also add a column to the far right side of the table by clicking the Columns button just above the table and then clicking the Add a new column option.

    Columns Button

    Columns Button

    If you want this new column to be added to the right or left of a specific column, expand the column settings by clicking the arrow icon beside the column title. Next, click Insert column left or Insert column right:

    Insert columns

    Insert columns

  2. Here, you can see three tabs: Basic, Formula, and Connection. Let’s choose Single Selection from the Basic tab. Click the Next button to proceed to the next step.
    Single Selection

    Single Selection

  3. Enter the column name and click the Next button.
     column name
  4. Enter your options (you can edit them later) and click the Create Column button.


    Create Column button

    Create Column button

Column Preferences

To change your column preferences, click the arrow icon, and then click the Edit column preferences option:

Edit column preferences

Edit column preferences

For Single Selection and Multiple Selection, you can choose from two different sources: From a Form and From a Table.

From a Form retrieves submissions from the corresponding field of the selected form. When you use this option, you’ll see only the list of forms in your account.

From a Form

Similarly, From a Table retrieves submissions from the column of the current tab under the current table. When you use this option, all tabs created for or connected to the chosen table are visible for selection.

From a Table

From a Form and From a Table create a new tab that includes the source information from the form or table. This gives you quick access to the source form or table so you can make any necessary changes. The changes occur in real-time in both the new tab and the source form or table.

new tab

Organize Columns

Let’s start with sorting columns. You can sort all columns into ascending or descending order. Click the arrow icon and choose your sorting option. Here’s an example of a column sorted in ascending order:

sorting columns

sorting columns

There are three ways to reorder columns. The first is by using the inline drag-and-drop method, which is useful for small tables.

Reorder Columns

reorder columns

The second method is by clicking the Columns button and then holding and dragging the column where you want it to appear.

Columns button

The third method involves clicking Manage columns under the main submissions tab settings. We recommend using this method for large forms.

Manage columns

In the Manage columns window, hold and drag the field to its new position. Click the Update button once you’re done.

Manage columns window

Manage columns window

To expand the full name field into two columns, click the arrow icon on the right side of the column title, and then click the Expand column option:

 Expand column

 Expand column

The two columns should then appear:

Sample Output

Sample Output

To duplicate a column, click the arrow next to the column title, hover over the Duplicate column option, and choose your duplication method: Duplicate or Duplicate with values.

Duplicate with values

Duplicate with values

  • Duplicate option duplicates the column without the associated values.
  • Duplicate with values option duplicates the column with all of its existing answer selections.

That’s it for adding and organizing columns in JotForm Tables. If you have questions, suggestions, or issues, please reach out to us through one of the support channels below.

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