Where to Find the Submission ID

August 15, 2023

When a form filler submits your form, their entry is assigned to a unique number called submission ID. Knowing an entry’s submission ID is useful for tracking the submission and for some actions like as configuring third-party apps or using Jotform API.

To view your forms’ submission IDs

  1. Go to My Forms and choose a form.
  2. Select Submissions at the top to open Jotform Tables.
Steps to open Jotform Tables from My Forms
  1. In Jotform Tables, select Columns in the upper-right corner.
  2. In the Show/Hide Columns dialog, select Submission ID.
Steps to display the Submission ID column in Jotform Tables
  1. Close the Show/Hide Columns dialog, then look for the Submission ID column in your table.
The Submission ID column in Jotform Tables
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