Where to Find the Submission ID?

March 11, 2022

Whenever someone submits a response to one of your forms, their submission is assigned a long string of numbers called a unique Submission ID.

Some actions, such as configuring a third-party app, using the Jotform API, or viewing a single submission directly through a URL, may require submission IDs. To get the Submission ID, follow these steps.

  1. Open My Forms and select the form.
  2. Click the Submissions button to open Jotform Tables.
  1. Click the Columns button in the upper right of Jotform Tables.
  2. Search and enable the Submission ID column.

The Submission ID is now displayed as the last column of the table.


Where To Find the Submission ID on the Old Submissions Page

On the old submissions page, click the Settings icon, and then check the ID at top of the fields list. The submission ID will be shown on the left.

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