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How to Create a Blank Table in JotForm Tables

How to Create a Blank Table in JotForm Tables

If you want to manually add data collected outside of JotForm to a table in JotForm Tables, you can create a blank table. You can also use this feature to add a new column that’s connected to your other forms or tables to process data. If you want to clean up a list, create workflows, filter data, or create automated reports, a blank table might be helpful. 

To create a blank table, please follow the steps below: 

1. Go to the My Tables page:

2. Click the Create Table button. This will open a new tab in your browser. 

3. Since we’re going to create a blank table, click the Blank option.

4. Enter the Table Name and click the Create Table button. 

5. The blank table is now created. 

You can add new rows and columns to this blank table, and manage it exactly the same way you would a table connected to a form. To add a new row, simply click the Add button on the left side of the blank table. 

Once you click the button, a new row (figure 1) is added above the Add button. The number of rows added (figure 2) will appear beside the table name.

To learn how to add columns, please visit the following guide: How to Add and Organize Columns in JotForm Tables.

While a blank table looks like a blank tab in your existing form, it’s a little different as it isn’t connected to a form in your account. This table is only accessible through the My Tables page unless you create a form for this table. 

To create a form, click the Form button at the top right of the blank table, and select any of the options (View Form, Assign Form, or Edit Form). 

Alternatively, click the settings icon (with the three dots) next to the blank table name, hover your mouse over the Form option, and select any of the options. 

View Form will open the form in a new tab.

Assign Form will redirect you to the Publish tab in the Form Builder. 

Edit Form will open the Form Builder. 

Any entries manually added to this table don’t count toward your submission limits. The system will only count entries as submissions if a form is created from the table (as explained above) and a response submitted by one of your users. 

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  • Chuck Schaeffer

    I'm stuck and hope you can answer quickly. I have a couple of tables and forms I would like to eliminate. I used them for learning Jotform and now I dont need them. Are the instructions simple, and quick to follow?

    They will get me unstuck and moving forward.
    Chuck Schaeffer
    PS - VERY new user

  • friendsmp

    Can I set up a table with the following headings:
    Submission Date; Product ordered; Qty; Subtotal; Tax; USD Total; First Name; Last Name; Email; contact #

    Please respond to
    I am member of Friends of Manteno Library

  • hubertvanmierlo

    I have been using JotForm for a short time and I like it :) Have the silver edition. But I don't know how to copy a record or row in a table to another empty row / record.
    Or colons.
    This is especially easy if several cells are already correct in a row or record. Now I have to fill in each row or record completely again.
    So every column again.
    Is there a possibility to duplicate while working in a table?
    Thanks in advance,
    Regards, Hubert van Mierlo