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How to Delete Notifications/Autoresponder

How to Delete Notifications/Autoresponder

JotForm Notification contains e-mail address(es) which receives submission data when a user submits a form. Some users created many notifications for multi-recipient purposes but don't know how to delete them when no longer needed. So, how to delete the Email Notifications and Autoresponders? Please find the steps below:

1. Click SETTINGS at the top > EMAILS on the left > place your mouse over the notification > then hit the TRASH BIN icon.

2. Afterwards, confirm it by clicking YES on the next section.

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  • stephenjackson


    I have sorted out the email fields , so thanks for that. My last problem is that i have to press `add another traveller` even if not required, to be able to proceed to the next page.
    My form has been shared with me by Mike Morris - Academy Travel Request Form.
    I think that this is the final hurdle.

    Thanks again for your help

  • stephenjackson

    I have a field that requires First name - Surname - Age. Then a button to add another traveller.
    I can`t move to the next page unless I press the button. Also, when i do add another traveller, only one name appears on the email confirmation.
    How can i make this work?

    Many Thanks

  • Albego

    Muchas Gracias

  • WestfieldGC

    I seem to be having the same issue, I am not able to locate the settings tab. therefore can not change the email settings.


    I am not able to locate the settings tab.

    I tried both the top of the screen and my profile account and it does not show.

  • LFDjotforms

    I need to remove a party from the automatic email list. When I click on the "Emails" icon I don't get the list of people that are receiving the form. How can I delete the party and/or add another person???????>

  • info981

    Thank you!

  • ctnurses

    How do I see who I have getting notified of a registration submission. I need myself; my executive director; and my event coordinator and at the moment only two of us are getting the notice. But I am no longer able to see them listed as I did. So not sure exactly where I need to go to included the other email address so all three of us are receiving.

  • WaxLily

    great, just what i needed to know, ty!

  • poolcity

    it worked.

  • sarazahoor

    Thanks a lot for your help. I am really thankful to you.

  • sgleser

    i followed those instructions.
    Now how do i create a new autoresponder?