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How Do Approvers Complete Their Tasks?

How Do Approvers Complete Their Tasks?

An approver will receive an email notifying them that they need to evaluate a submission. When the approver clicks on Approve or Deny, or chooses More Actions, they will be redirected to JotForm Inbox. By default, before visiting Inbox, they must log into their account.

You can disable the require login option for the selected approver: 

  1. Click on the gear icon. 

  2. Disable Require login for approver.

Once you’ve disabled this option, the approver can Approve/Deny without logging in.

In Inbox, approvers can see the Pending Approvals tab and a special tag next to the submission’s name. For example, a blue tag that says 🔔Action Required

At the bottom are buttons to approve or deny. If Allow Comment is enabled, the approver can provide a comment prior to clicking the buttons. If Allow Reassign is enabled, the approver can see the Reassign button next to the Approve and Deny buttons. 

To the right of the Pending Approvals tab is the Completed Approvals tab. The approval logs, including reassignment comments, are visible at the bottom of each approved request.

Print and Download buttons are located on the top right side of the page. The approver can also download all pending or completed approvals by checking the Select All box and clicking the Download All button.

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  • coralsprings954

    How can the approval remove or edit an answer and add something else?

  • Karen_Holt

    My form went through the approval flow, but is still "Pending". What triggers a flow to be "completed"?