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Sharing a Form in the Form Templates Gallery

Sharing a Form in the Form Templates Gallery

Many people have visited the form templates gallery and used one of the form templates to get their job done. Others want to share their forms with the world and contribute to the JotForm community. Please make sure that you visit the Form Templates page. If you’d like to know how to share your form in the form templates gallery, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to your MY FORMS page.

2. Select the form you wanted to share as a template.

3. Click MORE ▼ to show more options.

4. Then click SHARE AS TEMPLATE.

5. A modal popup will appear where you need to fill out details about the template you're sharing. You may choose more than one category for the same form by using the CTRL key on PC or  key on MAC.

6. Click the SHARE FORM button and you're done.

Congratulations and thank you sharing your form in the Form Templates Gallery!

How to Unshare or Edit a Shared Template? 🔗

If you want to unshare or edit a shared template, you can do so by following the same method above:

1. On the MY FORMS page, select the form you shared > click MORE ▼ > then SHARE AS TEMPLATE.

2. Within the same modal popup, make your changes accordingly then click UPDATE FORM.

3. Otherwise, click the UNSHARE FORM button if you wish to unshare it.

If you had any difficulties in sharing your form or in using the templates gallery, please add a comment below or ask your question in our forum.

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  • kmrmabbasiya

    i need to use a jotform created by my friend for my purpose. how i can use it.

  • EmoryDPT

    those directions do not work to unshare a template.

  • EmoryDPT

    still not able to see unshare

  • EmoryDPT

    Un-share button does not appear upon edit. I need to delete templates as well. please help

  • Blakely_Info

    May I share a template I created with just one person or a small group of people? How do I do that please? Thanks!

  • onlineevent

    I cannot delete a form. I didn't realize the template would be made public, I was trying it save it for myself. The "Update Form" and "Unshare Form" buttons are not there for me either.

  • Delysa

    When I follow the steps to unshare...the update and unshare button are not there. It just gives you the option to cancel or share form

  • ReadyforAnythingNails

    I need to delete a template and when I deleted the form and purged my trash, it is still there. Please advise


    I am unable to unshare my form shared as a template. Not getting Unshare option.

  • Minday

    What do I do if the template of the form that I want to unshare, it is not part of my forms anymore?

  • kan.caroline90


    i am trying to share this template

    but my friend cannot find the template under search.

  • averyabraham23

    Hi, I am having a similar problem. I am unable to unshare or update my form shared as a template.

  • leboa

    Hi this seems to be an ongoing issue that hasn't been fixed. Like others, I am not given the option to unshare or edit a form shared as a template, even after following the steps listed in other people's answers.

  • GHSolar

    How do I update a template I shared when the form has been deleted? The template has my email address as a default and I have received a few auto-response emails to submissions from other users.

  • DrJeanieB

    hi. i am using a shared template, but it keeps adding the original name to it instead of the new one. so it doesnt look like my form. How to fix this please?

  • FBFITDir

    I inadvertently shared a form as a template. Please unshare the template. I followed the instructions above, and there is no "Unshare Form" button available to me. I want to keep the form internally, but I do not want to share it publicly as a template.

    Here's the location:

  • csfltd

    I have managed to share a template twice
    I shared by mistake, then went to unsure and shared it again
    The form is called FB Maint Report

  • Franksmile

    I accidently shared the template. Please unshare the following template please.

  • quickgrid

    I have previously shared a from as a template and deleted but now the shared forms don't appear in the templates. The prompt indicates the form has been saved to the templates.

  • richmh

    Like others have already commented - the sharing dialogue does not offer the UNSHARE or UPDATE options so the form remains available as before.

  • ealingfoodbank

    Thanks but I don't get the option to update or unshare form when I follow these instructions.

    Any suggestions?

    I can still see it when I search in Templates tab and it appears in My forms even though I had deleted it earlier.

  • microvignesh

    Can you please delete this template shared by me?

  • Rose

    It doesn’t give me the option to Unshare form when I went to follow those process. It only gives me the option to share it as a template.

  • Gill Rees

    I can't seem to find this in the list of templates even though I have followed these steps?

    Regards, Gill Rees

  • lindsayjayecox

    If i delete my form to add more room in my forms, will they delete also from the template database?

  • Goff5

    I have three forms that I accidentally shared as templates. I've tried to remove them using the above links, but they don't allow me to un-publish. Ideas?

  • eramirez0730

    I followed the steps above, but my form only stays in the Templates Gallery for about a day, then seems to drop off. I have to keep repeating the process so that it stays up. Am I doing something wrong?

  • idomeneohr

    When you share a form as as a template do your email notifications get removed?

  • CassiClaire

    Can you UN-share a form if you shared it on accident? Or if you made a mistake and want to re-share a newer version?

  • juniorhq88

    How can I insert all my text in a database?