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How to Setup a Recurring Payment Option

How to Setup a Recurring Payment Option

Let's say your magazine site sells subscriptions, and you want to allow users to make payments periodically, but you don't want to bother them to come back to your site and fill out the form each month. Or, let's assume you run a charity site, and you need recurring payments from donors.

For example, on a charity site scenario, you can set up a recurring donation in your form using any of the payment tools (except ClickBank and OneBip).

Let's get started:

  1. Click the Add Form Element button, go to the Payments tab, and click the payment processor you wish to use (e.g. PayPal Personal).
    Payments PayPal Personal
  2. Configure your credentials, and on the Payment Type section, select "Sell Subscriptions". Click the Continue button to proceed.
    Sell Subscriptions
  3. Click the Create New Subscription button.
    Create New Subscription
  4. You can then configure the details of the subscription like the price, subscription period, number of payments, etc.
    Payment Settings

Subscription Details

  • Name - you can always customize the label. You can choose whatever you need. Let's say, Monthly Donations.
  • Price - the price of the subscription. Decimal is allowed.
  • Subscription Period - the period when the recurring payments will happen. You are allowed to set it to daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, yearly, and bi-yearly.
  • Number of Payments - set this if you want to stop charging customers after a certain number of payments. Let's say, you charge your customer five times and automatically stop it on the sixth time, select "5" from the dropdown selections. You have the option to allow the user to select the number of payments, select "User-selected" to do so.
  • Image - if you want to show an image for the subscription item.

Additional Details

  • Variable Price - make the price changeable via user input or referencing a Form Calculation Widget. Note that when this option is enabled, the Trial Period option is automatically disabled.
    Variable Price

    Here's a sample form with a Variable Price using the Form Calculation Widget.

    Notice that the New Subscription 2 (Variable Price) changes depending on the selection on the dropdown field.

  • Set Custom First Payment Cost - if you want to charge your customer a bigger amount from the original as their first payment. Usually, this applies to setup fees. The amount should not be less than the original price.
    Set Custom First Payment Cost
  • Trial Period - if you want to set a trial period for your customers. You can set the trial period to up to one year.
    Set Trial Period
  • Selected by Default - if you have multiple options and would like to select an item as the default selected subscription.
    Selected by Default

Please note that some of the above options may or may not available in the payment wizard and they depend on the payment gateway being used.

Looking for information on Square Recurring Payments? Please have a look at the page referred to.

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  • brischnei

    Is it possible to set the "Number of Payments" using a Form Calculation, Conditional calculation, or similar method?

  • dharmaocean

    Hi - can you allow the user to enter the amount they wish to contribute every month? And then is it possible to update the amount? (say they want to increase their donation)

  • Nathaniel Glasper

    I would like to know if its possible to have a subscription form like Hello Fresh. I would like for it to inform customer's that their meal options are ready and that they would need to choose them before time is up. If they dont make any options it would choose the default options available.

  • yogaforhumankind


    Does Stripe support the 'number of payments' feature for subscriptions? It is not showing up for me.


  • ahmedtafti

    Hi, I'd like to set up a form where they have a free week trial, then automatically charges their account after the first week with weekly recurring billing. Is that possible?

    And if so what are the best payment processors with the most flexible options and good reporting features.

  • adiparashaktisai

    As an admin i would like to manage the square recurring subscriptions, where can i see all the recurring payments submitted by my customers and where can i cancel the subscriptions if need be?

  • adiparashaktisai

    i need recurring payments to happen on specifc days of the week or month not every month from the date customer entered the payment, how can i get that done for square, it is very lame to not have this functionality?

  • orental123456

    Can I use in this way to Stripe as well? By the way what's PayPal pro? How can I also add 2 ways of payment PayPal and Stripe

  • orental123456

    If the user wants to cancel his payment how can I do that?

  • orental123456

    Can I use in this way to Stripe as well? By the way what's PayPal pro? How can I also add 2 ways of payment PayPal and Stripe


    If I set a trial period, what happens at the end of the trial period? Put another way, if I set a trial period for subscriptions, does that mean the card will automatically stop being charged when the trial period expires?
    I'm using Stripe and don't seem to be able to set the number of payments (instalments), so am wondering if I can instead set a trial period and get the payments stopped at the end of the trial period.

  • Kostya

    Is recurring payment option available for CyberSource payment gateway?


  • pdg46r

    I am looking to set up recurring payments with Square. From what I can gather you don't send much information to square and square doesn't manage the recurring payments as when I test the payments they just show as transactions and not recurring payments in square dashboard.

    So, from this can I assume that Jotform manages the subscription element and calls on squares Card on file each week to take my payment for that customer?

    If Jotform is managing the subscription will it automatically create a new "submission" automatically each week, charge the card on file and show in my dashboard?

    The reason I need to know this is I want to do a weekly draw each week and the entrants in the draw are my current subscribers but I need a way of exporting those current subscribers (ie. the ones who paid that week)

  • CommonUnity

    Is there an option to select the frequency of the subscription?

  • Shiela May Calucin

    Thank you

  • dejavumodelz

    The subscription option isn't available in the payment type section. Is that because I am using the free version?

  • MarketingStinks

    i need to charge my clients every 4 weeks..... can this be done?

  • Expressform

    Hi, the problem is that on my form I have a price calculated depending on the customers needs, and I can not create a list of products because I don't know what is the combination that the customer can select. for example, the customer can select 1 bedroom / 2 Bathrooms cleaning, and it could be weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly, at the same token they can select 3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom cleaning and select One Time only or Moving in or out, or the options above mentioned. Here is the link :
    Thank you

  • Newton Malerman

    I will have monthly subscriptions on my site.
    1. What happens if the user unsubscribes or stops paying?
    2. How do I go about closing an account if #1 happens?

  • bhhstrmarketing

    Hi, I"m trying to set up a subscription using square, however there isn't an option to select number of payments. Please help.

  • Zuriel Babalola

    We just started a non for profit foundation. We are trying to configure a donation flow that allows donors contribute:

    one time
    Would we be able to achieve this objective with your pluggin on our word press?

    Thank you,

    Zuriel Babalol

  • gcknightstech

    Hi, I"m trying to set up a subscription using stripe, however there isn't an option to select number of payments. Please help.


  • Jimmylanier

    I'm seeking a Direct deposit form !

  • S1Awards

    I cant even get the paypal widget to work in the UK, is this only available in the US version?

  • Linz2284

    Can you do this with square

  • Bravino

    Can i set a starting date for the subscription, so i can charge my costumers all at the same time?
    For example, i'm using a quarterly subscription payment. Can i set starting date in Sept 1st, so the card will get charge automatically on Dec 1st, March 1st and June 1st???

  • synk_admin


    We have come to this: We have used Stripe VERY NICELY with jotform for subscription sales. Everything works quite nicely. HOWEVER, recently we have had an inquiry by management about moving away our subscriptions from under the house of Stripe back-end to Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Invoice cloud (still using stripe possibly as the gateway, but the actual subscription and auto-charging is handled by Zoho back-end) and we were wondering if Jotform has a ready to use integration with Zoho Subscriptions/Invoice the way it has with payment gateways themselves.


  • AccorrusIT

    I currently have a product that is free for 2 years, and subsequently pay on a yearly subscription fee. May I know is there a way to go about doing that?

  • Dbswain91

    I'm using Stripe, the NUMBER OF PAYMENTS option is not visible. Please help!


  • BobbyTsui

    Does this work with WorldPay? We don't see this as an option.

    Thanks so much!

  • Dbrax

    Is there a way to add that one item that requires recurring payments to our current product form ?

  • Dbrax

    We have created a product form (which works fine ) that is linked to our website that has multiple products using PayPal as a payment gateway, however, one of the products requires a subscription so we can collect a monthly recurring payment on it, but we're not quite sure how to add the subscription form along with the product form. Please help?

  • chirowebs

    How do I limit the payments in version 4 or how do I create the form in version 3?

  • Cettefoisci

    Bonjour !

    I can't choose "number of payment" It does not appear....
    How is it ?

    thank you for your reply


    Thank you for your response! I do have another questions. We want the capability to use card swipers as well as setting up recurring payments. Any suggestions?


    Apparently, the integration with Square is not working properly? The whole reason who chose Square was it's compatibility with jot form for recurring payments. Any suggestions? Other payment processors that are working well for people?


    We are set up with Square and Jot Form and want to take recurring payments. However, when setting up forms we do not have the payment option to "sell subscriptions".

  • neoxcom

    How would my subscribers change/upgrade/downgrade their subscription? For example, how would a customer upgrade from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription option?

  • Thegatewaychurch

    Is there a way to set up an option for the donor to select whether this will be a one time gift OR recurring (and they can select whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc)? Thank you!

  • rtdmr

    I think I read that a customer cannot choose what day their reoccurring subscription payment is paid. I feel like I misunderstood since that seems like an important feature.

    Can they choose the day of the month if the subscription is set up monthly, or will it just come out every 30 days from the date they initially set it up (which seems like a poor design)?


  • recurringpayment

    Thanks for sharing these steps about Recurring Payment Option. I currently have Payolee that allows you to accept recurring payments on your website.

  • periodicalsaving

    It looks like Paypal Pro integration is asking for API username, password and Sugnature. But paypal pro now uses payflow which operates differently and you use paypal manager credentials to access the payflow gateway. Is there any way to integrate with paypal pro now that it's on payflow?

  • knieves

    I used to have an "unsubscribe" button on the bottom of the of the form. What happened to it? How do I put it back on?

  • sion

    It would appear that on the new paypal wizard that the option to limit the number of payments has disappeared? How can I now set this up? On previous forms that I set up is the number of payments limit still set up?

  • paperflourish

    Can i pick the date the recurring payment is charged?

    I would like the recurring payment to come out on the 5th of each month?

  • pgmchicago

    We set up a recurring payment option with Paypal Pro where users enter in their own amount - everything works great, except reporting.

    On the form submission and email confirmation, the amount the user entered in does not show up. How do we get this to show up?

  • dmayembe

    I want to use paypal for recurring payment,and give my client an option to donate for different project. I followed the steps using paypal and I could not get none of the options

  • brian johnson

    i have been using payolee they offer recurring payments

  • Rachall

    How can i set up recurring payments ?

    I want to give a option so people can pay the same amount each month for only three months.

    how do i set that up?

    Also I tried to choose the option to set up recurring subscriptions with stripe but it mentioned to set the API key and not sure what that means to actually do?

  • Leslie

    I would like to know if it is possible to cancel a subscription by myself.

    For example, my client at first choose to pay me services in several times, but in the middle of his subscription, he wants to pay his balance in one shoot. Is it possible to stop it or not ?

    Thank you for your quick answer.