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How to Create an HTML Table Listing Report

How to Create an HTML Table Listing Report

Would you like to share a nice table-based submission report? Check out the HTML Table Listing.

The report can be shared using its direct link or by embedding it to your website. The latter may be useful if you want to share the submitted data between your users.

Let's start creating your first HTML Table Listing Report.

1. Go to the MY FORMS page.

2. Select the form you want to generate a report from.

3. Click the REPORTS ▼ menu.

4. Then click ADD NEW REPORT.

5. On the modal popup, choose HTML TABLE LISTING then click NEXT.

6. The next page will show a number of options to further customize the HTML Table Listing Report.

A. FIELDS - Include/exclude fields

B. PASSWORD PROTECTION - An optional but added layer of security

C. DISPLAY PHOTO INSTEAD OF A LINK - Enable this if you want to show the images uploaded on your form instead of just showing them as a link.

USE MODAL TO DISPLAY IMAGES - When someone clicks on an image in the table, it will be presented as a modal popup (or a lightbox as shown below).

D. SHOW EDIT URLS - With this enabled, a new column will be added to the table that will show a link to edit the respective submission.

7. Copy the generated HTML TABLE REPORT URL or the EMBED CODES (whichever you need) then click CLOSE when you're done.

Example result:

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • Matt Wilkins


    The most unbelievably useful feature you could provide to improve JF is the ability to be able to format the HTML table in terms of colours and fonts. The current version is fine for back of house but simply doesn't fit our brand and style at all (which utilises Google web fonts).


  • Joni

    I set this up and it appeared to work great on my computer, but then it didn't work for other people at our event - it gave an error "you're not authorized" to view the bids. Maybe they have to be logged in? It would be great to include that information on this page.

  • OldBuckAirfield

    Feature Request - The ability to change fonts/ colours of the table would be fabulously useful, as well as being able to order submissions based on data entered, rather than just by submission date

  • BOUVIER Jean Pierre

    Is it possible to sort a table before display ??


  • BRTC

    That link does not answer my question.

  • BRTC

    Is there a limit to the number of form entries/records JotForm will store? How far back will JotForm store report results?

  • cosourcingrecruitmenttracker

    Hi How can i disable the link downloading instead of downloading it just need to view the attach pdf file or doc file in the form?

  • buchangrant

    Is the html report a snapshot of the data or a dynamic report? So if I create a report and then more orders are placed after its creation, will they show up on the report?

  • genierose

    I want to make a form like the comment box that I am using right now to make my comment to you. I can see everyone else's comment and there is even a place for an answer.

  • lagedor

    The iFrame of my report I embedded on my website display's only parts of my table. How can I create a report that displays a full listing?

  • KathiM

    I have a table on my form. I want borders and lines for every cell. I can only insert an outline border.

  • forexnakedtrading

    How If we input first name to the iframe so that submisson not inform all ?

  • gregoirebissonnette

    I don't know where to put the new IFRAM Code

  • nilusha


  • Revathi

    Can we able to print the table.If so How it is possible.Any parameter are you adding for that.

  • GoBlueHorizon

    How can I customize the html table?

  • welsweb

    It looks funny for longer text area and text box content to be centered instead of left aligned. Can I change that style somehow?

  • fivetownhoopdreams

    Thank you!! This is what I needed!!

  • bwf

    Problem: Our old version of sitecore (CMS) doesn't support iFrames. Is do Jotform have any alternatives to iFrame?

  • transworld

    How can I generate a report by reading fields from my database?

  • stonestorm

    Why see only 3 columns?