How to Create a CSV Report

May 16, 2024

When asked for a report of your submissions, there’s no need to go through the tedious process of manually creating a CSV report like before. With Jotform, you can now generate reports in no time. One of the most common formats used in reports is a CSV. Below, you will find the steps on how to create a CSV report:

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  1. Go to the My Forms page and select the form you want to generate a report from.
  2. Click the Reports button.
  3. Then click Add New Report.
  1. Select CSV Report on the “Create a new report” modal pop-up.
  1. Next will be the CSV Report setup page, which is divided into three sections:
  • Report Name – type the name of the report that will be shown under the Reports menu on the My Forms page.
  • Fields – include or exclude fields and other information such as Submission ID, Submission Date, or IP address.
  • Report Configurations – enable or disable additional report settings to your preference:
    • Password protection – an optional but added layer of security.
  1. Click the Create button at the bottom to finish the setup.
  2. After clicking the Create button, you will receive a notification stating the CSV Report is ready. On the same pop-up, you will see the link to the CSV Report that you created. There is also a button to copy that link, and a button to download the report.
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  1. Click the close (X) icon at the top-right corner to close the pop-up.
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