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Turn Your Form into a Quiz or Exam!

Turn Your Form into a Quiz or Exam!

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  • iPsychClinic

    that is helpful.
    I am using the forms for psychological assessment. it gives you a result after you submit your form. the results are not only two options. Does the quiz form do that?

  • metrocorephone

    Why are only half my forms available for quiz selection?

  • HumbirdMedia

    Hi, can you help me?
    I want to create a form that has the following functionalities:
    - Can have more than one wrong/right answer
    - Can choose 1/3 correct answers and still be correct
    - All answer options can be right

    Let me know!

  • judycanby

    The quiz results (percentage correct) does not show up in the submissions screens. How can I automatically get that information?

  • ottizzul

    It take sooooooooooo long to load

  • safeinsight

    The information says that it is case sensitive. Unfortunately it is not when we test it. Answers that are spelled correctly disregard upper and lower case despite how we entered the answers.

    We need it to be case sensitive for our application. Is there a way to enable this?

  • hypnoslimmer


    After completing the quiz, i would like to go to paypal to pay the fee - and also email me and the user.

    Is this possible?

  • abctvmp

    This is great so firstly, thanks!
    It would be great for us if the results appear in the same window, and including the option of straightforward sharing to social plug-ins on the results page would definitely increase the number of times this quiz is taken.

  • PPTS

    I've been able to save the answers to my quiz however I can't figure out how to get the quiz to calculate the correct number of responses. How do I set this up?

  • Barrets

    I set the answers for my quiz, but they don't get saved. Is it because I'm using a free account?

  • crossland

    Or if there is a way that the quiz form can have an email field and the form can flow that way.
    Example: {yourSupervisors:given}

  • crossland

    How can the {numberCorrect}/{totalQuestions} ({percentageCorrect}%) fields display on an Autoresponder message that connected with the same Jotform that the quiz is made from.

    (We need it to work with this type of message. Reason: we have our completed form forwarding to a person that in turn must click on a link that goes to another form.)

  • lori_riskconusa

    Is there a way to get the quiz scores onto the Excel spreadsheet for the form so we can generate reports on the quiz?

  • lori_riskconusa

    Is there a way to notify the test taker if they "passed" or "failed" the quiz? For example, put a minimum score of 85% and if they score below that, notify them they need to try again?

  • crossland

    Quiz results is emailing in funky form.
    It at first sent questions in one big paragraph. Selected on email (Outlook) click here to download pictures. Downloaded pictures. Shows huge check mark and xs in the middle of the question.
    Is there another setting on form end I need to do?

  • musicasemlimites

    The quiz page is not opening the form, so I can not figure out what the right and wrong alternatives are.

  • Ralf_CT

    Perfect! I converted my competition form into a quiz form, now I can see exactly who answered the questions correctly and pick 10 random winners based on the results.

    Much easier than applying weightings to each answer and then trying to set Conditions to calculate the result.

  • Hamiza

    Can the quiz have a time limit? For example, 30 MCQs need to be completed within 60 minutes?

  • Landeskunde_Geo

    I think the program has a bug. It does not show results, and shows only the Thank you page. For example:

  • miohonda

    How can I make an OUTCOME QUIZ with an "Image Picker" widget?

  • mygold

    I love this app. Thank you. Everything works great, EXCEPT the app is not emailing me or the student the results. I have email "email notification" in the normal Jotform setup AND I have the options to email custom emails in the app also. Should I remove one of them? If yes, which one? Thank you.

    FYI, it it helps this is the form I am using:

  • TrainingRequest

    Can there be an option to submit the quiz results to which ever email is identified in the conditions of the form (more that one email address)?

  • alka17690

    I can select the form, however it does not give any options to set answers or rules,

  • design927

    any way to group 5 or more individual quiz results onto a thank you page and export those results by user into a cvs?

  • VOMIChairman

    There is a limit of 74 questions. My test has over 150 questions. Besides having to break the test into 2 or 3 parts, is there a workaround for that so I can keep the test taker focused on one test.

  • dmsibis

    How can you customize the results page to the quiz/test taker i.e. logos etc? Another nice feature would be to offer the correct answer on the quiz page.

  • mgcaledonian13

    That is great, you have done it again!! I'll be using this in the future.