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How to Send a Form via Email

How to Send a Form via Email

You have two options to choose from when sending or sharing a form via email.

The straight forward way is to send an email to your users and include the Form URL in it.

1. On the Form Builder, click PUBLISH at the top.

2. Then, click QUICK SHARE on the left nav.

3. Click the COPY LINK button then send that link you just copied via email.

Another way is to use our Form Builder's built-in share options.

4. On that same page where you copied the form link, click the SHARE OPTIONS button this time.

5. Select the SHARE ON EMAIL option.

6. On the next page, customize the From Name, To, Reply To, Email Subject and Body of the message.

7. Once you're done, click SEND and that's it!

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  • abbyml

    Can you bcc the email recipients?

  • 其他亲人


  • JoanneMartel

    Are you able to add an attachment (like a privacy statement) to your form before sending it?

  • VidosavaBilbija

    I can not finish this step no.6!why??

  • annieub

    Once my form is created and I want to reuse, I would I get back to the form to email out to another customer?


    Thank you. This article was helpful.

  • Naugahyde

    Is there a way to limit respondents to those with a known email address? Can I limit each email address to one response? This is similar to an election/vote scenario as described in

  • una

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  • blankiem

    Once I email a form to a client, how do they submit the form back to me?

  • bolzenthal

    Does this auto repeat once it is set up...for all inquiries?

  • tuftsctsi

    I am trying to email my form to about 200 people. I have sent a from to about 10. Why is there a limit. Can I increase my limit? How can I resolve this? Thanks!

  • Bobjap

    I'm emailing my forms to individuals. Is there a way I can see a list of who I've emailed them to so I can have a recap of recipients? I realize that I will know about those that respond, but would also like to be able to review who I've sent my forms to.

  • ChileNativo

    Hi! How can I customize the message? Do I have to write it (or copy paste it) everytime I want to send a form by email? Thanks

  • juanmora500

    It keeps requestins to ingress the To: Email, even I type the email the system does not recognice it and keep asking for the email. Can you help me?

  • Freemaev

    I would like to be able to send a specific customer a PrePopulated link of a form template I created. There is a shortened url generated, which I generally copy into an email and send directly.

    Is it possible to have that shortlink auto sent to the customer every period of time (ideally like 2 days) until the form draws a response or until a pre-set expiration date?

  • VWO

    Is it possible to send a form that is viewable in email?
    We would like it if the images and text would show up in the email and would redirect them to the products on our website.

  • Lurovegno

    For some reason, I'm able to send the form via email, but the link does not appear in the email received at the other end.
    So I copied the link and pasted it in the text. But on my end, when I try to customize message using rich text editor, the html option does not show. So the email was sent, but the link wasn't clickable. What can I do?

  • tgottsman

    i have done this and it is not sending my email. can you please help?

  • divagirlphilly

    try this

  • AmyGilbert

    Thanks for the info. It was very informative!