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How to Edit Submissions Made on Your Forms

How to Edit Submissions Made on Your Forms

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in a position where someone filled out form data, and later you discover a minor issue that must be corrected. Or, maybe a change related to your customers comes up after the fact, and you need to update their info. With JotForm, these changes only take a few clicks.

First, you must login to your account and find the form that you would like to edit on your MY FORMS page.

Once you do, click on it to select it, then click the SUBMISSIONS button at the top.

On the Submissions Page, scroll down and search for the submission that you’d like to change. You can use the search bar at the bottom of the table. For this example, we're looking for the entry submitted by "Randy Smith".

Related guide: How to Search a Submission from the Submissions Page

Click the entry you’d like to change, which brings it up in the main view at the top. Click the EDIT button on the top right hand corner to make the form data editable.

Update the form info as you would like, and press the SUBMIT button. Just like that, the submission data has been saved. If you change your mind, you can also press the CANCEL EDIT button.

While this option is only available to you as the form owner, there is a way to allow your users to edit their entries as well. It’s explained on this guide: How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

For advanced users following the guide above, they can set up notification to include an EDIT SUBMISSION LINK. This makes editing form submissions much easier and prevents you from having to log in to JotForm to make changes.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • petertrost1

    I have added a hidden Status field to my Booking Request form so that I can confirm a booking after submission.
    The problem is that when I edit the submission (to set the status field to Confirmed) and hit the submit button, the submission looses all of the Driving Distance widget inputs i.e. no pickup and destination as in the original submission. All other field inputs ( Date, Time, Passengers etc) are unaffected
    Can you please advise as to a fix?

  • Kipyegon Abraham

    I have a friend who used a line registered under Mam's id number so please how can I make the changes

  • Kipyegon Abraham

    I have a friend who used a line registered under Mam's id number so please how can I make the changes

  • elainecc_100

    Hi - is there a way to eliminate the Edit Submission link in an integrated Excel spreadsheet? I want to share the results spreadsheet but this allows the recipient to edit submissions which is not ok.



    Except that I have over 1200 submissions with this problem. So am I supposed to go on each of the 1200??

  • Vitree

    Hi I received the recommendation from Kevin G. to EDIT and re-SUBMIT the records that didn't come through to the AIRTABLE add-on. I tried it and although I received the email DID NOT come through to Airtable. Can you please assist me?? Many thanks, Frank

  • Mareldia

    Hi, I would like to have a post uploaded on jotforms deleted asap.

    Please advise as to how I can do this.

    Kind regards


  • EATG2016


    Is it possible to disactivate the edit option?
    So basically I don't want to be able to edit the submissions form of the ''end users''.


  • kindaforms


    When I follow the instructions above it comes up with a message saying 'this form has been saved as a draft' - then sends a link to me saying 'You've saved a draft submission for this form. Please click on the button below to complete your submission.' Then a box and/ link which says complete this form.

    It then pushes through to a browser and comes up with a 404 error.

    I would like to make an amendment to the form as an admin and do not want a copy sent to the person who submitted it - how do I do this please?

  • tlcreations4you

    Thanks! I didn't think to press the buy now button at the bottom of my form submission.

  • Simran kumari

    Sir maine apne PG ke online registration ke form me kuch galat daal diya wo kaise edit hoga sir.....please help me...plss sir...

  • pakenhamlakers

    I have a form that has a stripe payment connection that a user has completed and a payment has been processed.

    I need to edit the submission as they have completed some fields incorrectly.

    If I edit the form as the form owner, will the payment be processed again? Or will it only update the data.



    Thank you! Perfect : )

  • hapeto2019

    When I click edit it takes me back to the very beginning of the form and as if I were the end user = and I still have to go through each page like an end user. Is there any way to edit with out having to through the whole form. I don't want to change the actual form - just the data the end user entered.

  • Barung

    Hi if i make another view but want delete some data in this view how can i do this without losing the data in other views? is this possible?
    thanks Corrie

  • Rahez

    Sir , CISF LDCE ka form keise edit kare mene kuch galat daldiye he?? Please sir help me, give me a suggestion please sir...

  • BicycleColorado

    But I can't edit the submission because it's unpublished - that's what I'm trying to work around. thanks

  • flhershey

    My form only allows me to edit certain parts of the form, but not other parts. I have an entry form and am trying to change a category which someone entered. I'm wondering if it's because there is a fee associated with the category and the person who submitted it already paid. The change I'm trying to do wouldn't change the amount owed, if that makes a difference.

  • Nancy

    I am trying to do this by there doesn't seem to be a submit button at the end of the form

  • fsfa

    My form is integrated with Google Drive so that each submission is stored in a unique folder. Each submission is data in a pdf and multiple jpgs.

    When I edit information submitted in a form, a new pdf is generated and all of the images are also duplicated and added to my folder, so I end up with multiple copies with (1) added to the filename. Can I get Jotform to simply replace the existing files with the same-name edited version?

  • cutric

    how do I manually make the {edit_link} for a particular form? I need to allow a submitter to edit their form

  • Archana kumari

    Sir I have submitte application form phase1 bt my fault my catogary is wrong filled and I have submitted application fee how can I edit please help

  • Ashfaq


  • commsupport

    I need to make some minor edits to a submission which was received several days prior. Upon making the edits and clicking submit, an error is received for the date field stating the date must not be in the past. I enter today's date in the field using the required mm/dd/yyyy format and upon clicking submit, the same error message is received. Is there something I am missing? It is not allowing me to edit the submission. Thanks

  • davidleach

    When I try to submit an edit, it forces me to go to paypal and then I can't finish submitting the edit. The person who submitted the form has already paid. What do i do?

  • d1autocredit

    I have a form where I don't want to anyone from our team to change what a customer submitted because the customer signed it and need to know it can't be tampered with. But there is a "for office use only" where someone from our team needs to complete the form on our end. Is there a way to lock the form so that no one other than the customer can change their answers?

  • Srilekha

    How change application from detail in the from after submit the from

  • Sandra

    i filled my ippis form online but there was an error, please how do i change it

  • gjmclarke

    Can I change content on multiple submissions at once (mass changes). For example Multiple teams have now progressed up an age group - so they are now U14 and not U13 - I want to do a mass change on multiple data submission at same time.

  • ShahdEsmatmohamed

    كيف اعرف انة تم التسجيل فى نشاط الربوت بفريق القصر

  • Events_All_Souls

    My form has reached capacity but I need to edit a submission and it won't allow me to do so - it just gives me the screen that tells me there's a waiting list.

    How can you edit a submission without having to enable the form?

  • coehs_cbt

    The submitter asked if in the text of her submission, we could make a word a hyperlink. Can that be done?

  • Myzatul Zeiha Yusof

    Hai, i would to ask, i created a form

    but unfortunately, i cannot access it again for modification, i did not register when i created the forms, and not i cannot access it.

    Please advise.

  • MBALink

    If we edit a respondent's submission, we receive an email that the submission was edited. Does the respondent receive an email as well?
    If so, can we turn that off?

  • Fedexprees

    how can i build a action script using jotform submissions

  • photoguy123

    when attempting to edit a submission, the payment field displays again. can i just skip that or is that going to clear out a previous entry?

    further, if i have a zapier connection setup to this form, is the edited submission going to activate a zap and send the new submission data to my connected apps?

  • histecon

    When I edit a submission, will both notifiers and auto repsonders be sent out again?
    Thank you for your help!

  • SqueezeJuiceWorks

    When I edit an already submitted form it sends me another notification that a "new submission has been made". Is there anyway not to get the notification after editing because it is confusing

  • AdrianeLang

    Thanks for the answer. But if I submit the data again, the person who sent it in will receive another e-mail with their feedaback which I do not want. Is there any way around that?

  • Dunbar2015

    I edited my exhibit registration form by deleting the boxes so no one else could submit a registration. Now that I have done that, when I run a report my submissions are empty. Have I lost my info from the previously submitted forms?

  • ginflynn

    We did an online form and also mailed survey to members with no email address on file. Those who returned it by mail, how can I manually enter their responses so that they are integrated with the ones submitted online? Thanks!

  • robert_mcpherson

    Additional information for

    It actually appears that my preselected submission appears in the grid, however the only way to edit this data it to select an unwanted entry, and submit to make a change, then go back and make my final selection and resubmit to change the data. Is it possible for the original person and form administrator be able to select the previously selected "X" items to unselect it? This still makes editing problematic. Can you assist?
    Rob McPherson

  • robert_mcpherson

    When I edit my form

    available selections, nor previously selected data fields appear on the grid. The grid is blank. This makes editing problematic. Can you assist?
    Rob McPherson