How to transfer or share forms and data with another account

Last Update: May 24, 2016

A common issue that some might not realize that it is actually very simple to move your forms and data from one JotForm account to another. 

This guide here is designed to teach you how to do this in a very simple and effortless way so lets get started!

There are 3 Main Ways for you to learn how to Move or Transfer your Forms and Data so we will tell you about each of the three methods below.

Option #1 - Let Us Do it for You!

This is fastest and easiest way to Move or Transfer your Form(s) is to allow us to move them for you. We can move One Form or even All Forms. It can be done in an instant and it it also includes your Form Submission Data.

(1) Simply Open a New Thread in our Forum telling us you need to Move your Form(s).

(2) Provide us with your Username the Form(s) are on.

(3) Tell us the Name(s) or Provide us with Links to the Form(s) you need us to Move.

(4) Tell us the Username of the Account that you want your Form(s) and Data Transferred.

(5) Once this is completed we will then respond to you to confirm it.

Option #2 - If you are a DIYer then just Clone it Yourself!

The second easiest way to Move Your Form(s) is by Cloning your Form(s) which will basically copy it. Think of it as sticking your Form(s) into a Xerox Machine in a sense which basically makes a copy to place into your Second Account while leaving the Original untouched in the First Account.

(1) You will first need to log into your First Account with the Form(s) you want to Move and go to your My Forms page to begin gathering which Form(s) you want to Move.

(2) You will then need to Obtain the Direct Link of the Form(s) you want to Move.
a. Click on "Setup and Embed"  then click on the "Publish" button

b. On the new embed popup window, click the 'LINK' tab then copy the form's direct link by licking on 'Copy Link'

(3) You can then Log out of the First Account then Log into your Second Account.

(4) Now you are ready to Clone your Form(s). Please see this this guide on How to Clone an Existing Form from a URL so that you can complete this in your Second Account and you are ready to Rock'N'Roll!

Please note that this does not copy your Submission Data. However, there is a simple way around that problem using our Import Data App. All you have to do is export it from the original form and import it into the newly cloned form and you are all set!

Option #3 - Transfer Form Ownership as a Sub-Account User!

The third and final way to do this is by Transferring the Ownership of your Form(s) and Submission Data to Move them. This is only available if you happen to be a Sub-Account User or Owner of Forms that are Shared with a Sub-Account User as it works both ways!

Please see to get a better understanding of Sub-Accounts and Sub-Account Owners.

(1) Make sure your Second Account is set up as a Sub-Account or vice versa.

(2) Log into your First Account with the Form(s) you want to Move.

(3) Next, Go to the My Forms page.

(4) On the left-hand side of your screen you will see on the left a visible folder labeled Form(s) "Shared with You".

(5) While on your My Forms page with the Forms "Shared with You" displayed you can now Drag'N'Drop your Form(s) from the My Forms list to the right and drag them to the Folder on the left under the Shared with You.

(6) Your screen should then go dark and you will receive a Warning Notice asking if you wish to proceed with "Transferring Ownership of your Form(s)" and click "Continue". It will warn you that it is Not Reversible but that just means that you cannot transfer it back from the same account you just sent it from.

If you are unsure or still need help just let us know in the comments section below and we can gladly check and help you with this more.


meenapuar (June 22, 2015 at 09:32 AM)

Hi there,

My colleague, Monica Black, (user account name: monblack) has tried to make me a sub-user and share files with me.

I have followed the advice on the FAQ however when I go to 'my forms' there is no 'shared with me' option in the sidebar.

Please could you advise?

Kind regards,

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dakotahorizons (October 07, 2016 at 12:21 PM)

We currently have a sub account for that we use that we also pay for. It seems like everywhere sub accounts are only supposed to be free.

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mazkamal (April 02, 2017 at 04:24 PM)

I want the data of the form to be send to my mail.
All the data, pictures and doc file. Is it possible? if yes then please guide me how?

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