What Are Jotform Tables Action Buttons?

February 3, 2024

Action Buttons in Jotform Tables allow you to set up entry-related tasks like sending emails, data, or files, and then perform those tasks with a single click.

To add an action button

  1. In Jotform Tables, add or insert a new column.
An arrow pointing to the Add column heading in Jotform Tables

For more information, see Adding a New Column​.

  1. In the Add a New Column dialog, go to Buttons at the top, then choose your desired task.
An arrow pointing to the Buttons tab in the Add a new Column modal window in Jotform Tables

The supported tasks are as follows:

How to Trigger the Action Buttons

Once set, you can trigger an action button by simply selecting it in Jotform Tables.

A GIF of Send Email buttons being clicked in Jotform Tables

To retrigger an action button, select the down angle icon next to its log, then choose your desired action.

An arrow pointing to a Send Email cell's down-angle icon to show the Resend option

To trigger an action button for multiple entries

  1. Choose the entries using the checkboxes on the left side.
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Buttons from the menu.
  4. Choose your desired task.
Steps to trigger multiple entries' Send Email action button in Jotform Tables

You can retrigger an Action Button for multiple entries the same way.

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