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How to Skip Pages Using Conditional Logic

How to Skip Pages Using Conditional Logic

In this guide, you will be able to use Conditional Logic to skip pages based on the user's form field input.

Now let's get started. Here's a sample form that I made; it skips to a page depending on the drop-down option selected. Below are the steps on how I have set up mine.

The Form

  1. Add a drop-down field that will be used as the basis for the skipping of pages; you can use other form fields like text boxes, radio buttons, etc., depending on how your form works.
    Dropdown Field
    Dropdown Field
  2. Make your form multi-page by adding page breaks.
    Page Break Element
    Page Break Element

The Conditions

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Conditions.
  3. Select Skip to/Hide a Page.
    Skip to / Hide a Page
    Skip to / Hide a Page
  4. Now set the "IF" statement or the rules to when the skip page will occur. Select to what page will the user lands when he/she clicks the "Next" button. In my case, this is how my condition works:

    IF the drop-down field Skip to page is Equal to "3" then skip the user to Page 3 after clicking the next button.

    Skip to Page
    Skip to Page
  5. Repeat the same steps for the other pages, depending on how you want your interactive form to work.

I hope that helps. For questions, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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  • ltcabacungan

    I tried the conditional setting (skipping pages), but it didn't work for me. It was successful in an attempt but was not consistent when the form was opened multiple times.

  • jurgen.hinz

    Thank-you very much Mark!!

  • JungclausCampbell

    Isn't it possible to bypass the "Next" button entirely, so that if a user selects "No," the form will immediately advance to the next page?

  • ahsgirlslacrosse

    when i preview the form, it should skip to page 9 then yes? I did the condition for page 9 only, but it previews the whole form.

  • Wright_Rachel_rachel

    I have a question with 4 answers; I want each answer to lead the person to a different page. When I set up the conditions, though, there is only one 'Do/Field' component. How can I get three more 'Do/Field' components for the other answers?

  • Cenex_UK

    Is there are limit to how many 'hide' pages conditions you can have attached to one question. I am trying to set up a form and the conditions are working for one of the options but not the others?

  • mwpaulk

    That didn't work for me. I think I may have the box set up wrong. It's at the top of my form for the
    I am ....

    Would you mind looking at it please?

  • CbrQuilters

    If I use skip to page and some of the missed pages have required fields will users be forced to go back and fill them out or will it allow submission with those fields blank?

  • NurMunirah

    Hi! I can select the 'IF' statement, however nothing seems to appear on 'State'. Thus hindering me from applying skip condition. Could you assist ?

  • ig.anunciadores.cristo

    I've just created a form using conditional logic. The form collect data from family members. There are option for six people, with conditions that involves whether in the family there are for example just two members, the next fields are not required and hidden so once finished data for second member the form can be sumitted. In spite of this, some users reported that they can not submit the form, they just click on next and nothing happens, other have to go to the entire form clicking next button until the final question.
    Do you have any idea how can I solve this?

  • VDMP

    how to skip 2 pages please ?

  • RomeoAllison

    Great! Thank you!

  • WRRFRegistration

    this has stopped working for me. It was working. I deleted the logic and redid it, still no joy

  • Kumar_Akash

    Can skip logic be made to target a page, as opposed to a page number. Currently, every time I add a page early in the form, all of the page numbers increase by 1. I assume all of my skip logic won't work correctly anymore. Will naming a page help?

  • CanaB

    That does help! Is there a way for it to automatically skip to the thank you page?

  • Worksite

    Hey there,

    Is it possible for this function still to work if you're using form tabs widget?

    We have a 15-17 page form and would like to have tabs in there as it collects a ton of data and we like to give people the option to go backwards/toggle tabs to ensure each page is filled out correctly prior to submitting.

    I am noticing though, that when certain pages are conditionally set to be hidden, the form tabs are removed however that page's content still appears.

  • arid123

    I have a third (last) page with optional questions. I want to hide this page if the user selects "No" to my questions asking if they want to respond to some optional questions. I set up the condition to hide the 3rd page if they select "No" but even after I click on the next button, it still shows the 3rd page. How do I do this so when they select "No" they will just get prompted to submit?

  • AlisonLamble

    I am creating an order form where I want to hide pages depending on the product selected.
    I have created a drop down box with the different products and have each products selections on a different page.
    I have set the conditions to hide the pages I don't want shown when particular products are selected, but it seems that if i have more than two conditions the pages don't hide.
    Can I get some assistance please

  • Randymkdsg


  • waynecot

    Is it possible to hide multiple pages?

  • Fredjansen034

    when i log in my form from my website, can i go direct to a page in the form, and how can i do this

  • VirgilSecurity

    My form's conditional logic isn't working on Safari on mobile. Is it just a web feature?

  • Bgriggs333

    When I use conditional logic to skip from the fourth question to the last two questions of a 40-question survey, it shows the 'previous' option on the bottom left...and it sends the individual back to question 38 (which he hasn't seen) rather than question 4 (which was the last one seen). Is there a setting I'm missing that would prevent this?

  • stickerart

    Hi, is it possible to link to a certain page in the url?
    For example I want to have an external link that links to page 3 of a form.

  • BAAudit

    so the form i'm working on has 18 pages...
    i want to be able to skip from one page to another and vice versa...
    i created a dropdown that lists all 18 pages on page 1. i followed the steps by creating the Conditions for each selection.
    which works fine...
    but on page two i created the same dropdown, but since i have 2 dropdowns now on 2 separate pages, when i change the conditions for the 2nd dropdown on page 2, it changes the properties for the first dropdown on page 1...
    for example, the first dropdown is labled, item# 13 on page one...with 18 conditions (one for each page)...
    on page two the dropdown is labeled, item#26 ..again with 18 conditions...
    for the 1st page dropdown, i select item#13 and set all 18 conditions...
    when i to to the 2nd page dropdown and change that to item#26 to give it the 18 conditions,
    page 1 dropdown now shows that it is item #26 rather than item #13, so now the drop down for page 2 works but not for page 1...
    what am i doing wrong?
    thank you

  • Ecs


    I can't seem to find the skip a page conditional formatting. Please see this image for your reference:

    Is this an option that's only available for paid plans?

  • Zahira Khalid

    HI i am using logic for a multipage form and for all the conditions the logic takes the responder to the wrong page. This is happening for all the conditions even though i have checked the page names and conditions

  • uscifvg

    I've set a condition to hide certains pages if a field has a certain value: If the field "numbers of events" is set to "1" then Hide pages 3, 4 and 5; if it set to "2" then Hide pages 4 and 5, and so on.
    The problem is that if some fields in a page has been filled by a user, and after that he or she changes the value so that the page is hidden, the fields which have been filled are not cleared and they appear both in the notification message and in the autorespond message.
    Is it possible to fix this situation in some way, maybe adding other conditions?

  • deanwright

    Is this function only possible in paid forms?

    I'm trying to test it out now on my free form and it wont work?

  • SOSStLucia

    I have set a condition to hide a page (containing multiple question fields) if either of two conditions are met yet one of the fields presents even when both conditions have been met. Why might that be?

  • SOSStLucia

    I'm trying to send a comment but I'm getting an error Slow down you move too fast??

  • SOSStLucia

    Is it possible to hide multiple pages with one condition?

  • Matos

    Criei varias regras condicionais e tudo uma beleza mas no momento em que criei para ele fazer o calculo das pizzas as outras regras criadas antes se perderão e não fazem mais oque tinha que fazer, e se eu comprar apenas uma pizza ele não mostra o valor de uma única pizza

  • goldbond

    1. the logic isn't sending to the correct pages

    How can we help?
    if you choose "shipping items" it should go to the "shipping items" page, it's not.

    It's the same for all answers to "how can we help?"

    2. Once you've gone to your dedicated page based on #1, each page should submit and go to the end. You can only submit one kind of request per form, so there should not be a "next" or "back"

    Help, please!

  • goldbond

    How do you hide the "next" button?

    I found it in page break properties/advanced, but it's not working.

  • goldbond

    can you name the pages instead of working with them as numbers?

  • Diobelle

    I am trying to skip to the end of my form (page 13) if someone answers anything but "Yes" on my first question. It isn't working. Can you help? Form is @

  • cpayne0

    I am trying to hide pages as well as skip. I see that it is an option under the conditional logic, but I can't seem to get the tab hidden. Any experience hiding a tab or special tricks?

  • dmaoliver

    I've set up conditional logic for several questions in my form, and it works as expected in all cases except the last question. I would like to go to a previous page if the user submits a "yes" answer, but it submits the form and displays the thank you message instead. I suspect it may not be possible to go backwards using conditional logic. I would appreciate additional insight on this issue. Thanks.

  • thill3

    how can i condition it to go to the end of the form

  • jovankau

    I'm struggling with conditional logic to get user to transition to different pages. I have tried to repurpose the 'submit' button to go to a different page. I have also added some radio buttons and conditional logic with both the text of the button and "value" of the options which I've just assumed is "1" and "2". Can you please tell me what the best way to do this is. Thanks

  • robertlinville

    I have created a drop down box that has multiple options (page 2, 3, 4 etc). I added a condition to skip to page 2 when page 2 is selected, and then added another condition to skip to page 3 when page 3 is selected on the drop down menu. But no matter which page I select it only goes to page 2. Is there another condition I need to add?

  • natupote

    Is possible set a condition for the back button too?

    Is possible the back button jump to a page in the left side? Because the condition to the left button sometimes changes the jump page

  • CJRoth

    This is great, however, how to I get the next button not to move to the next page unless they click the conditional logic answers in the drop down or radio buttons about the back and next buttons. Can I turn off the next function unless the logic is selected?

  • leahweiner

    Can I use this feature for skipping a question and redirecting a respondent to other questions based on their response?