How to Create a Multi-Page Form with Jotform

November 26, 2021

Using page breaks is extremely easy but we need to know when or where to use them while creating a multi-page form.

Some like to use it in job applications and some use it in surveys. Teachers use them in quizzes and organizers use them in event registrations.

The most important part of page breaks is, they shorten your forms dramatically. We all know visitors don’t want to scroll too much and they want to fill out forms as quickly as possible.

Why don’t we make our customers’ jobs easier and break pages into sections? Here are some insights we gathered using page breaks.

  • Using page breaks decrease the exit rate of your form drastically.
  • The form looks much shorter than before.
  • The form looks neater and fits better to your site without changing the overall design.
  • It helps to break the form into logical sections and feels much more natural.
  • It looks so much easier to fill for busy people.

For adding the page break, just click the “Add New Page Here” button in the form builder.

Add New Page Here

Or, use the Page Break form element.

Page Break

Let’s look at our trivia quiz to see a page break.

Although we see a back button in our first-page break in the edit mode, we won’t see it in the preview or when the form is live. Don’t worry about it, that was done for logical reasons.

That’s about it for the importance of page breaks and if you want to see page breaks in the action or copy the trivia quiz check it out in our form templates gallery.

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