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How to Change the Text of the Edit Link in Your Email Alerts

How to Change the Text of the Edit Link in Your Email Alerts

You now have discovered how to add an edit link to your email alerts (notifications/autoresponders). That allows you or your user to edit the submission using the link. 

By default, the text shown in the email received is "Edit Submission". Here's a screenshot as an example:

How do we customize this text? You can do that by following the steps below:

1. First, click the Settings tab in the form builder.

2. Click the Emails tab. Edit your existing email notification/autoresponder. Or you can create a new one.


3. On the "Emails" wizard, you can see the "Email" tab, here you can change the layout of your email template, add text or remove form field tags.


4. Now type the text you want to display for the edit link. Highlight or select that text and click the "Insert Link" button.


5. In the "Insert Link" window, add this in your "Url" option:{id}

We are trying to manually anchor the edit link in your text. To do this, we'll need to use the {id} tag, what it does is it generates the submission ID and append it directly in the edit link.


6. Now save the changes and test your email alerts. In my case, this is how it looks like:



I now have an edit link with a different text on it.

Do you have any questions or concerns? Feel free to leave your comments below. 

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  • MAB_HR

    Thank you. This is very helpful

  • caaxthelm

    I am trying to append the word "resubmit" to the end of the link the requester sees in an email they get when their request is denied. This way I can build a condition that if the URL contains "resubmit", hide a value.

    Starting with your example above, this is the link url that I am using:{id}/resubmit/

    Unfortunately, when the requester clicks this hyperlink in the email, he goes to a "WHOOPS" page.

    Obviously I am formatting the link incorrectly. Can you help?

  • cutric

    This was really helpful, thanks

  • sstaffordwtec

    how to customize the link to only show a certain page. If I want the approver just to be able to edit their own page instead of the whole form