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Getting Started with the Basics of Input Masking

Getting Started with the Basics of Input Masking

Using a field input mask might seem like one of those things that you might not want to ever use a whole lot but, the reality is that using a masking capability can actually prove to be quite useful in a lot of different situations.

For the purposes of getting you started, we'll be taking a look at two different scenarios.

Scenario #1:

For the first scenario let's look at this one using a simple TextBox field so go ahead and add one to your form right now if you haven't already.

Now to view the "Input Mask" option, you can follow the screenshots below: 

In JotForm Version 4:

If you are using JotForm Version 4 form builder, follow the screenshots below. Select the text box field, click the gear icon and open the "Options" tab.

Scroll down and find the "Input Mask" option, make sure to enable it. 

You'll notice right away three different symbols mentioned and these masks are pretty much as stated for each of them. 

@  =   Masks Letters

#    =   Masks Numbers

*    =   Masks Letters & Numbers


To explain the above in a simplified manner the Input Mask basically gives you much greater control over what is entered and therefore limits your users to, however, you have setup your masked characters.

That might sound a bit confusing still so let's break this down even further by taking a look at these examples below.

Example A:

In this example lets say for instance you want to name cities that start with "St" (Saint) such as "St Augustine" which would look like this "@@ @@@@@@@@@".

Back-end of your form:


Front-end of your form:



You could even include the St. in the Mask if you wanted:




Example B:

Now let's take a glance at this in another instance where you might want to show a set of spaced out numbers which would show up like this "# # # # #".

Back-end of your form:


Front-end of your Form:



Example C:

A good use for the Numbers Mask would also be for advanced custom dates where you might not want to use the standard date fields such as "##/##/####".

Back-end of your Form:


Front-end of your Form:



Example D:

Both the above are good and all, but what if you needed something more than that, but didn't need that much information such as in an instance where you only want just the street address of where someone's business is located.

So in this particular case, you would want to combine the above by using both @ and # together and that could look something like "#### @@@@@@@@@ @@".

Back-end of your Form:

Front-end of your Form:



Example E:

Also, don't forget that you can additionally allow either of these, but still control yet limit this with the third option using the * (asterisk) and that would look a bit like "*** ** **** ** ***"

Back-end of your Form:


Front-end of your Form:



Example F:

But what if none of the above was good enough for your situation? 

What if you work in the Government, Legal, or even a Car Parts Company? 

You can do that too by compartmentalizing your characters to create something systematic such as  "#@-#**#-#@".

Back-end of your Form:


Front-end of your Form:



Now, with that out of the way giving you a basic grasp of masking on text boxes let's take a different approach at looking at this another way using the second scenario for a Phone Field.


Scenario #2:

Sure, using the masking capability is handy but what if you're a phone directory provider searching for 1-800 numbers to list or you have users with foreign phone numbers and such?

Instances like this are where input masking on a phone field would be useful just as much to give you control over how your phone numbers are entered and used.

Example A:

For the first example, let's start again but this time around add a phone field.

You should be able to access the "Input Mask" option the same way we described earlier in this guide.


You'll notice this time around you can only use a Number Masking with # and you will also see the default phone number input change from two inputs to one input which is additionally prepopulated with "(###) ###-####"

Back-end of your Form:

Front-end of your Form:



Example B:

Now for using this for 1-800 numbers with a phone number, you could make it something like "1-(8##)-###-####" to let your users know that's the type of info needed.

Back-end of your Form:

Front-end of your Form:


Example C:

As another example let's say you're planning on running an outreach call program in Australia and you'd need to gather phone numbers limited to that formatting so for this it would end up looking something like "+(##)#########" but, you can format it to any country if elsewhere. 

Back-end of your Form:

Front-end of your Form:




So anyway, we really hope this helps to clarify everything when using Input Masking.


Feel free to play around with this option. If you have any suggestions, concerns or questions, feel free to comment below or post a question on our forum page.

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