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How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

How to Let Users Update Their Form Submissions at a Later Date

You can now let users update an entry on a later date. To do so, first create an auto-responder email if it is missing on your form (autoresponders exist by default on new forms). Then add an {edit_link} tag to the body of the email.

When a user submits the form they will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the pre-filled form. From that link, they can update their entry.

1. While you are in the Form Builder go to:

Settings > Emails > Autoresponder > Edit icon

2. Add the {edit_link} to your autoresponder body and save the changes.

Email > Form Fields > Edit Link > Save


That's it! If you have any questions, please post it to our support forum or leave a comment below!

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  • María Esther Mera

    Por favor necesito que me regresen mi dinero a mi cuenta y cancelar la suscripción. No me gusto esta aplicación y por motivos del coronavirus no he podido salir de mi casa y hace falta el dinero para Pagar mis facturas básicas. Gracias

  • Rosalind Joyce

    If a client amends an existing form then resubmits it will that be recounted again & included in my 100 monthly submitions limit?

    Thank you

  • Cuda242

    I'm still really confused..... I recently added a new field to my registration form and I now need to have users update their already submitted forms without creating duplicates. How do I do this?

  • George Krahn

    I must admit this is very confusing to me. What I want to do is create an event registration form that the attender can "cancel" after they have registered. We have 2 events at different times and the person registers to attend the 9 a.m. event but decides they can't make it and want to cancel. How do I set that up within Jotform?

  • منصةشليله

    هل هناك رابطا يقوم باستنساخ جميع الأدوات

  • adventurenannies

    Is there any way to remove a form user's access from the edit link once it has been sent? For example, I only want to allow a form user to edit the form once by following the edit link and submitting their edits but not be able to make any additional edits after that first submission. Please let me know if this is possible, thank you!

  • Hassan_Yasin

    Why don't I see "Edit Link" in my Form Fields drop down?

  • beglinortho

    Hello, we enabled this and while testing the continue later button we receive a pop-up reading: Your form submission has been saved as a draft. We’ve sent you an email with a link to complete your submission.

    However, this email is then sent to our business email, not the client email to remind them to complete the form later. Where can we edit where the form is sent when it is saved for later?

    Thank you!

  • cheryl33710

    thank you

  • Tom Johnson

    I also am trying to create a form wherein one of my colleagues can partially fill out the form and then update the form at a later time. I think I have created the correct SUBJECT field, and it seems that I have entered the individual who is filling out form's address. But, when using myself at the form-filler, I don't receive what I assume would be a link to update the form. Suggestions please?
    (This is the help page I am consulting:

    Thank you.

  • orental123456

    I did a text and fill-out the form I didn't Receive an auto response to the email I Register with.

  • orental123456

    Not really clear you guys don't have a video? I will also try it

  • SMartBerlin


    is there a possibility to receive notifications when the user edits his form but at the same time not to receive them when we edit the same forms ourselves?


  • bdhunter3141

    Thank you!

    I have added the edit link to my form. Can I resend an email to the people who previously filled out the form and include a link to edit? If yes, how would I do that?

  • AmandaSAE


    If I click to edit my form, the preview submission that I sent, will change?

    Or there gonna be two different answers.. like two submissions?


  • Udit1902


    I have been trying to let my users update/edit a form they had submitted... checked all the settings and everything looks good... pls suggest... the edit link was working perfectly fine till day before...


  • Bluebell_Dairy

    Our form is setup to take weekly payments via stripe. If I send out this link to edit forms will it update the payments on stripe or will we need to do this manually?

  • joe.luna

    After a form (travel expense request) is submitted, I have it forwarded to an approving manager. I would like all the fields to be read-only except the one question that allows the yes no approval from the manager.

    So basically in editing-after-submission can certain fields be read only?

  • Truesteel

    Our employees are getting "permission denied" messages when they go to click the edit link button. My autoresponder settings are correct. Settings to allow users to submit, view and edit the forms they fill out are correct. They are receiving the forms they submit to their email but when they click edit they are denied permission. Thanks for your help.

  • DoorsSweden


    When i do this with form all my inviseble fields pop up.
    I want all fields that i hide by choices are hidden.

    When i click edit submission and send it again i don't get any respons back.

    Can you please help?

  • SmileyStars

    Hi there
    I have done all the above, I filled my form and resubmitted the form (I was the parent - using mu personal email)
    I have not received my second submission,
    I can edit the submitted my form through the link from my jotform used email the link to my form is

    Many thanks for your help

  • jeanPF

    Is it possible to block one or more of the entries (data fields) so the user can't edit them?
    Previous orders for example.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Valerie

    Is there a way a customer can edit their submission prior to me adding the edit link? I have added the link into my automatic emails moving forward, but two clients had already submitted their forms and are now needing to edit their forms.

  • andrealorr

    Will users be able to edit payment information?

    We have had several instances where registrants signed up but want to edit their submission later and pay online. It does not allow us to add in payment information. Is this normal?

  • johnpyne

    Is there a way to track the changes between the original submission and subsequent submissions? Maybe where fields that changed are highlighted on the subsequent submissions?

  • sevenwestmedia


    Is it possible to send auto responder e-mails with "send on edit" only when the user edits their submission as apposed to an admin logged in editing the users data and seeing all hidden fields..

  • zpgplc

    Is it possible to block one or more of the entries (after being send for the first time) so the user can't edit them?

  • shakoure

    This function no longer works... I sent a test email to myself and all I saw was the exact same text as-is in the editor showing the {variables} not the values. In other words, the email I got just came with stuff like this...
    What's your Current Age? {ltstronggtwhatsYour}
    Great! Now what's your email? {ltstronggtgreatNow}
    Please add your Phone Number. {ltstronggtpleaseAdd}
    Tell us which State & City you're from or represent. {ltstronggttellUs}
    If you have one (and you should), what's your Website? {ltstronggtifYou}

    Plus, the edit link only looks like this... {edit_link} - which does nothing.

    Is this normal? I want to see how the email will look with data populated from on of my form submissions.

  • ian.jansen

    edit link is a great feature but it appears that signatures and pictures uploaded into the original form are not visible. Is this right? Im hoping there is a setting somewhere for this. Please help

  • cswdvt

    Is the user able to delete their submission or choose another date? We use this form to have people sign up for workshops. Sometimes they need to cancel and sometimes they just want to change to another workshop date. Anyway we can make that happen for the user? Right now we have to make all those changes for them.


  • SOSStLucia

    Is there a way to send a unique link to a respondent of their submission so they may edit it themselves (without it being included in the auto response)?
    So either
    - the user no longer has access to the autoresponder email with the edit link, or
    - there is no edit link because the respondents typically do not make changes but for exceptional cases, when the jotform administrator would allow it.

  • dirofstrategy

    How can this be done after the user submitted form and the autoresponder does not show edit form in the form fields?

  • Netboy

    This is what I am looking for : I have a primary key say Employee ID.

    Different users should be able to retrieve the Jotform of each Employee ID and do the update. When I export the data, there
    should be only one record per Employee ID and the record should have all the updates.

    I don't know whether we can achieve this using Submission ID. Https://

  • sontrust

    nice article

  • Renju Sekhar

    This is what I am looking for : I have a primary key say Employee ID. Different users should be able to retrieve the Jotform of each Employee ID and do the update. When I export the data, there should be only one record per Employee ID and the record should have all the updates.

    I don't know whether we can achieve this using Submission ID.

  • cloudyday

    After updating the form i want to send (trigger) a new webhook (Microsoft Flow integration).
    Is this possible? Now the data is only send after first submit of the form.

  • ncwestkidscamp

    Thanks!!! Love it!

  • CourtNetwork

    if there a limit to the number of questions/fields we can have in a jotform- especially the PDF that can be generated from the submission?

  • CourtNetwork

    We have just used this function and the updated changes to the first submission have not updated- is there a step we have missed?

  • truckersally

    How can I make a form that would allow a user to enter, as an example, their email address as entered on a form in progress (need to edit and update) from another form and have all current data prepopulate?

    Here is what I am trying to do:
    STEP 1- User fills "splash" form out:
    STEP 2- user taken to:
    to start with application process.

    I want them to be able to return to my website and access their "in progress" application (step 2)from

    What is the best way to do that? NOT cookies, I want the actual form with info prepopulated from JF , not from their browser.


  • breadform

    I have a form that includes the Autoresponder Email and that includes the edit link. The person who filled-out and submitted the form wants to change one of the entries. He clicked on the link and it opened the form as expected. He made the change but when he hit submit, it would not go through. There are a bunch of required photos with the form that are lost when he attempts the update so the form is throwing errors that it is not complete. Is there any way not to lose the photos so the other fields can be updated?

  • nsalomone

    Is there anyway to create a button appearing on a different form using a link based on the "edit link", instead of using Url parameters? (I have reproduced the design of the Pdf sent by email in a html content to provide a preview of the Pdf that will be sent. But on this preview, I want the users to be able to click and return to the initial form to edit. The only solution I found is to create a third form cloned on the initial one and pass the infromations, but the "edit link" option would be better I think).
    Thanks in advance !

  • marxmyth

    How long is the edit link valid? In the past, I used a "starter form" that gave students a link to their scholarship application. They kept the email that came to them and used it to get back into their application.

    This method looks easier, but I want to be sure it will work for every student.

  • jruncie

    The ease of producing a simple-to-use form is great! However I do need some guidance with the following:
    Our users may often fill out one or several copies of the same form in locations with no internet access, and may need to generate multiple forms in a day to record separate events. When they return to an office or internet-accessible location one or several days later they then complete the forms and submit them. How can I make it easy for a user to open multiple copies of the same form in a day, partially fill them out while out of range, and then complete these forms and submit? The device may run out of power while in the field, so there needs to be some way to re-acquire each individual copy of the form with the data already entered.


    Hi! We made a JotForm for an event and now that the date, place and price have changed we want to send emails with the new event flyer and a confirmation button, how should i do?

  • judedixon

    Thank you for the above, although I would like to know how you can self populate the managers email address from the form submitted as I am creating a form for a large organisation and the line managers email address will always be different?

    Is there anyway to pull data/content from the form?

  • newpanda

    Our initial survey is generated from a button on our website - and we pass our UserID field in the URL parameter (or within the embed code to you). I need for our user to be able to use that button on our site to return to the same survey and their existing submission survey page - where they will see their existing answers and be able to edit and save them. The submission would be updated and that's the only logic I need related to updates.

    Question: is there a way I can always go to an existing survey submission based on a match of the UserId parameter we send (using a hidden field)? If there is no existing submission for that UserID then a new submission would be created. I never want a user to create a new submission if they've already completed it once.

    We can't send the user an autoresponder email, because we're basically just using the survey to get a couple checkbox settings for a feature. And I don't have a way to program the storing of the Edit link. I just need editing to based on my UserID parameter.

  • lan liss

    when i was using other form maker that having same method with jotform came with edit link to update data later time, i found some data was gone missing, it was because some sort of cache timeout. this is the reason i am looking for online form that has login username and password.

  • Hangchanleakna

    Hi , i got it .
    So nice seeing this result. But my teams are using Smartphone to see this result. I can see the link Pop up on Laptop but disappear when i see by On Phone.

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  • donnapineau

    This is fantastic! Is there a way to send the responder a confirmation email after they have edited the form?