How to Reschedule Appointments

June 7, 2023

The Appointment form element allows your form fillers to book time slots on your form. By default, collected appointments can only be rescheduled or canceled by you, the form owner, by editing or deleting the appointment’s entry respectively. This guide shows how to let your respondents update their appointments and also let you cancel an appointment without deleting the entry.

To allow your form fillers to reschedule or cancel their appointments

  1. In the Form Builder, add a Get Form Page URL widget to your form.
Arrow guides to add a Get Form Page URL widget in Form Builder

To learn more, see How to Add a Widget to Your Form.

  1. Next, select Settings at the top, then Conditions on the left.
  2. Create a new Enable/Require Field condition.
Arrow guides to create a new Enable/Require Field in Form Builder
  1. On the next page, set up the following IF statement:
An IF statement to unrequire an appointment field in Form Builder
  • IF: Get Page URL
  • STATE: Contains
  • TARGET: Value
  • VALUE: /edit/
An arrow guide to add a new IF statement in Form Builder
  1. Add another IF statement with the same configurations, only this time, set VALUE to /tables/.
An IF statement to unrequire an appointment field in Form Builder
  1. Ensure that the matching rule is set to Any.
The Any condition rule matching in Form Builder
  1. Now, set up the DO statement with the following configurations:
A DO statement to unrequire an appointment field in Form Builder
  • DO: Unrequire
  • FIELD: {your appointment field}
  1. Once you’re done, scroll down to the bottom and select Save.
  2. Finally, updated your Autoresponder email and include the {edit_link} tag to allow your respondents to edit their submissions.
The Edit Link tag in the Form Builder's Autoresponder email

To learn more, see How to Let Users Update Their Entries Later.

For existing appointments, you can use Jotform Tables’ Send Email action button to send an update request email to your respondents.

The setup above will remove your appointment field’s “required” flag allowing the appointment slot to be deselected on the form whenever you or your form fillers edit an entry.

See also: Editing Submissions Made on Your Forms.

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