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How to prevent emails landing in spam folder in your Gmail account

Last Update: January 31, 2017

Emails that land to your spam folder are unpredictable. Sometimes they do get in there, sometimes they don't. But one of the simple tricks to prevent emails from landing to your spam folder is to ensure that you have the email address in your contacts. But what if that doesn't work? Especially in email delivery of alerts coming from a website service, this is kind of common to happen.

With Gmail, to prevent this from happening is by adding filters in your account. This will help you to explicitly make a sender, or even with just use of keywords to put your email alerts to your inbox.

To do this, start by logging into your Gmail account and clicking on your Gmail account's settings

On the next page click Create a new filter

For basics let's use an example of compelling Gmail to not land to your spam folder.

So let's add your filter with the parameter of setting into the FROM address field and then click Create filter with this search

Lastly, tick the checkboxes that you will need, but make sure to tick the Never send it to Spam checkbox

Once done, click the Create filter button. Once complete, you will be shown the created filter

Once done, this should put all emails from to your inbox and never again allow it to land in your spam folder.

Just let us know if you have more questions.

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  • linda allen

    You Can Try Various Troubleshoot Methods to recover your mails from spam ,google finds some mails having attachments as suspicious and marked them as spam,you can apply troubleshooting on them ,check here

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