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Setting up the Continue Forms Later Feature in Card Forms

Setting up the Continue Forms Later Feature in Card Forms

Allowing respondents to save their progress and continue later requires a 2-form setup with Page Break elements. Long time users of JotForm are familiar with this configuration and have been using this approach ever since.

Newcomers need not to worry - With the new Cards layout, we've incorporated this as a built-in feature. Now, you only need a single form and can get this setup in just a few clicks.

Navigate to SETTINGS at the top > FORM SETTINGS on the left > click the SHOW MORE OPTIONS button > then scroll down and look for the CONTINUE FORMS LATER section.

Once there, select whether you want it to be ENABLED WHEN FORM HAS 10+ QUESTIONS, ENABLED, or DISABLED.

Finally, decide which method you want to use:

1. SAVE & CONTINUE LATER will save their progress to our servers via a unique SESSION URL.

2. AUTOFILL will only save their progress locally on their browser.

Make sure to take note of the following when using this feature:

🔘 The CONTINUE FORMS LATER feature is DISABLED by default.

🔘 Once you ENABLE this feature, the SAVE & CONTINUE LATER option will be selected by default.

🔘 This feature doesn't work on forms that have 4 or less fields.

🔘 The PROGRESS BAR at the bottom of your form will allow your respondents to SAVE & CONTINUE LATER.

🔘 The PROGRESS BAR will only show up once the user fills out the first field on your form.

🔘 Respondents need to click the SAVE & CONTINUE LATER button in order to save their progress. This feature will never save their progress automatically unless they opted to do this first.

🔘 On top of that, their progress will only be saved if they click the NEXT or PREVIOUS buttons. Simply filling out a field then leaving the form won't save it to our servers.

🔘 Your respondents can either click the GET SHAREABLE LINK to get their SESSION URL or click the SEND THE LINK AS EMAIL button if they want to send it to their email address for later usage.

🔘 If they decided to send it to their email, here's what they'll receive:

NOTE: For those who want to use their own SENDER EMAIL, it's not possible yet. The verification emails are sent from our email servers (

🔗 How to View Incomplete Submissions Sent Through the Continue Forms Later Feature?

If you wish to check who attempted to save their progress through this method, go to your form's SUBMISSIONS PAGE > then click the INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS icon.

This would open a modal popup listing all the pending submissions so far, along with their respective SESSION IDs.

To view their current progress, copy the SESSION ID and append it to the URL below:

Where XXXXXXXXXXXX is your FORM ID and YY-YYY-YYYY is the SESSION ID you grabbed from the SUBMISSIONS PAGE.

IMPORTANT: Submissions that have been pending more than 3 months will be automatically deleted.

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  • IntegritySurety

    I've embedded this card (the test for now) on my website, at
    The Save & continue part works, however, when the user clicks the link to come back and complete the card (in my case, it would be the payment portion), they're no longer on our website. How do I get them back to the card on our website?

  • sbonnet73

    Same like other comments below, I cannot see the options "Save and continue later" or "Autofill" when I activate the option "Continue forms later".
    I have already customized my form to be filled in 2 steps as described in your post:

  • dm.joshpritchett

    This way is not allowing me the option to either select Auto-Fill or Save & Continue Later. Please help.

  • marconey

    The form session expires in 3 months, got it. But if a form filler comes contacts me in six months and says he/she would like to modify the form, is there a way I can send a unique URL to his/her form?

  • rebebriscoe

    I'm not seeing the "Save and Continue Later" option on my form settings. Am I doing something wrong?

  • flightsight

    Will it soon be possible to customize the "Save and Continue" Email??

  • Lisa Sohmer

    Even though I have ENABLED continue forms later, the choice to autofill or not doesn’t appear.

  • cartechbooks

    The "save & continue later" doesn't show up for me when I enable this feature. I must have the same problem as @worksite below. Any ideas why?

  • Worksite

    the "Save and Continue Later" pop up is not appearing when I click "Enable". What am I doing wrong?

  • Suffolkef

    Is this available on the free version

  • thehartfordproject

    How do you view incomplete submissions in the new version?

  • mattssei

    Is there a way to customize the "Continue Form" email - like ability to have our logo in the message?