How To View Incomplete Submissions in Jotform Tables

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The Continue Forms Later feature, also known as Autofill or Save and Continue, allows your users to save their partial data if they decide to fill out your form at a later time. It can also help prevent the loss of data. When users choose to save their progress, the form sends or provides them a link to continue later. When users save their partial entry, that is considered an Incomplete Submission.

As the form owner, you can view the Incomplete Submissions in Jotform Tables. Here’s how:

  1. Go to My Forms and select the form.
  2. Click Submissions at the top.

Or, hover on the form, click More, then select Submissions from the menu.

  1. In Jotform Tables, click the tab’s three-dot menu.
  2. Choose Incomplete Submissions.

You should now see the list of Incomplete Submissions for your form.


Hovering on an entry in the Incomplete Submissions panel gives you an option to view or delete the entry.


You can also delete multiple incomplete submissions by selecting the entries and clicking the Delete button.



The Incomplete Submissions’ data will stay in your Tables until overwritten, deleted, or completed.

How To View Incomplete Submissions on the Old Submissions Page

Click the Incomplete Submissions button just below the form title on the old Submissions page to view the incomplete entries.


Clicking the Incomplete Submissions button will open a modal window where you can view the details of or delete incomplete entries.


To view the saved data, append ?session={sessionID} to your form URL. For example:

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