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How to Conditionally Disable the Submit Button in JotForm Cards?

How to Conditionally Disable the Submit Button in JotForm Cards?

In JotForm Cards, you can disable the submit button based on a condition and show form error messages if needed.

Let's say you want to create a form that asks a code within a number field and the form can
not be submitted if the code is not correctly entered. Well, with JotForm Cards, you can easily achieve this scenario by setting up the Disable Submit feature from CONDITIONS > ENABLE/REQUIRE FIELD

Here's a quick step-by-step instruction:

1. Go to  Settings-> Conditions and choose "Enable/Require Field".

2. Choose from the list of fields and finally set up the condition action.  In the demo form, the form is not allowed to be submitted unless the code field is equal to "1234".

Here you can see how the condition is setup:

The whole rule needed to meet the conditional logic is this one:
"IF" ==> Number
"STATE"==> Is not equal to
"VALUE" ==> "1234"

And this is the action that will be triggered when the "IF" statement is true.
"DO"==> Disable Submit
"MESSAGE" ==> You can set a message to be shown when the submit button is disabled.

  This button allows you to add multiple "IF" and "xxx" statements in your conditional logic.

3. Save your changes and test your form.

See the demo also:

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to comment below.

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  • WSIguy

    It is just soooo silly that you would include the ability to disable the send button for Cards but not classic.
    Hiding the button makes for a terrible user experience.
    Your developers need to consider user experience when coding things. This is not a "feature" but a flaw. It's broken.

    My main use case (this time) is the need to assign a minimum numerical value to a field.
    But, if I set an minimum value in the field, it will fire a validation alert upon typing the first character. So, ANOTHER terrible user experience.

    No choice but to take the lesser of all bad user experiences and hide the button.
    If we could just disable the button (grey it out) like tons and tons of forms have, we would be happy.

  • C1Engineering

    Why is this feature only in JotForm Cards and not in Classic Form?

  • Drone_Aaron

    There is no DO option do disable the submit button. The unique name is submit2. Not sure if that matters.

  • tomsky

    It got this working in card mode. I have a form just like the one in the example where you have to fill in a code.

    However, there seems to be a bug with the error message. The error message stays in the place, even if you go back and input a correct code. This is confusing for people as they may think that the submit button would still be disabled.

    So to clarify:
    1. Enter a wrong code
    2. Continue to the submit button: it will give the error and the submit button will be disabled
    3. Go back to the question where you enter a CORRECT code
    4. Continue again to the submit button: the error message will STILL be visible. However, it now IS possible to submit the form. But the fact that the error message stays is confusing.

  • lecapri

    It is not working on my form. Please help

  • gdt42me

    I am attempting a conditional disable of the submit button. The DO does not include Disable Submit nor is the Submit an option in the Field. Am I doing something wrong.

  • omaralraee

    I can't see the message I wrote when disabled the submit!!

  • Danbarsch

    Whoops sorry found it. My bad

  • Danbarsch

    There is no disable submit option in card mode.

  • amodoke

    The submit button is greyed out for me too, why is no one commenting on this!??

  • ltagapan

    Cannot disable the submit button - It is greyed out

  • felmiranda

    Hi, the disable submit option has desappeard. How can i do it?