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How do I work with Square Subscription and cancel it in JotForm?

How do I work with Square Subscription and cancel it in JotForm?

JotForm has been supporting Square Recurring payment since January 2019. You can collect your  subscriptions and recurring payments by using JotForm with Square. 

We are using Card On File feature of the Square. By this way, JotForm users can sell their subscriptions by using Square integration.

How the integration work?
JotForm User / Merchant
#1- Create a form.
#2- Add Square into your form.
#3- Select 'Sell Subscriptions" as Payment Type.
#4- Create your plans.
#5- Publish form.

Important: When merchant gets first payment, customer and customer card will be created on Square Dashboard at the same time. You can see created customers under Customers->Directory on Square Dashboard.

Square doesn't support Subscription via API. Square supports Card On File and provide a card id after first transaction. JotForm stores subscription plan information and card id. By this way, recurring payments are done by JotForm according to related plan (monthly/yearly etc.). Therefore, in Square dashboard, you will see card in Customer>Card On File

Payment will be seen in Transactions. You cannot see plan details there but when next period comes, you will see new transactions under Activities.

How can I cancel customer's subscription?
There are two ways to cancel subscription for merchant.  

#1- Square Dashboard

After you go to the Customers page and select one of customers, you can see the customer's cards on the right side of the page. 

You need to remove customer card to cancel subscription. 

#2- Via Recurring Payment Received Emails

Merchant and customer receive an email when customer card is charged successfully. Customer or merchant can cancel related subscription via this email.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about JotForm’s Square Subscription integration? Please post them in the comments below.

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  • pdg46r

    I have added the square payment to my form but there isn't a field for the customer email within the square 'widget'

  • Natasha Washington

    I created Jotform and connected to square. In square setting customer is setup for 45 day first payment but in Jotform it is setup for 30 days.

    My clients keep getting hit with overdraft fees. How do i edit my forms not to pull within 30 days?

    And how do we make recurring stop?

  • rdicrasto

    The link to cancel my subscription via recurring payment e-mails is broken. I want to cancel but it is impossible without help.

  • titans2000

    Customer made the initial payment to begin the recurring payment, but paid off the balance before the 1st installment payment is due. So Is there a way to cancel the recurring payment before the first payment has been paid?

  • 701cca

    Thank you for getting back to me.

    I went in and selected 'Send Payment Receipt' and tried it again, selecting the $1.00 for 'each year' option as a test for a yearly subscription. I still did not get an email that gave me an option to cancel the subscription or payment details and only got a copy of the form responses in my email, with no payment details.

    I also went into our Square account and there isn't a recurring payment setup for this payment, only a one time payment. I went into the recurring invoices section of Square and it is not there.

    Also, I set up two options, one as a one-time payment and one as a yearly subscription so customers have an option to not setup a subscription and just pay once.

    Please advise. It seems Square is not recognizing the payment as a subscription.

  • 701cca


    I am testing this out and when I submit a payment for a subscription through JotForm, connected to Square, I get an email receipt/confirmation from JotForm, but not from Square like the one you show which gives the option to cancel the subscription at any time.

    This is my form:

    I see the payment go through on Square, but it is not setup as a recurring payment, even though I have it set up as a yearly subscription on JotForm. Square is also not sending an email about the recurring payment.

    Can you please advise? (