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How to integrate JotForm with

How to integrate JotForm with

The platform is a visual collaboration tool that helps transform the way teams work together. It's a simple but intuitive tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines, and build a collaborative culture.

JotForm's integration with sends information from JotForm to your account as soon as someone fills out and submits a form.
When you add the integration to one of your forms, preselected data is exported to fill in key details for boards, groups, or items in your account.
This exchange of information eliminates the need for manual data entry or a third-party software tool to connect JotForm and

With the integration, you can use submitted form data from JotForm to
    •     1.Create an item
    •     2.Create an update

The integration is easy to set up:

1. From the Settings panel under Integrations, you'll find the integration with a simple search.

2. Enter your API Key and click on the Authenticate button once you're done. This guide will help you locate your API Key. Please note that this integration only works with a API v2 key.

3. Once your account has been authenticated, use the dropdown menu to select an action. Select the board you would like to connect to, and then select groups within that board.

4. Match the fields on your board to the fields on your form. Click Save to complete the integration.

P.S. You can test the integration by clicking the Test integration button.

You can create multiple connections to various boards and groups with the same integration. 

And that's it! Your form data will be sent to every time your form is submitted.
Have you given it a try? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • paz.gillette

    En las columnas de elegir solo una opción; las demás opciones deben estar creadas en ambas herramientas si mal no entiendo.
    Estoy teniendo inconvenientes ya que cuando la opción seleccionada en JF viaja a Monday, la misma es tomada como un nuevo dato y se abre como otra opción.
    Como es posible que esto pase? si en ambas herramientas tengo las mismas opciones con el mismo formato.
    Donde estaría el error que me lo abre en Monday como una nueva opción?

  • ryanshieldscontractor

    Can the Monday update be conditional? For example, I'm adding an approval process to my form and I would like to add the project to Monday only when Approved.

    Many thanks,

  • anaidelizalde

    Do i need to have a suscription?

  • welfareaid

    Hi, I have successfully integrated new incoming data to But how do I get existing data to appear on the Board?

  • mikaylagarvey

    I wish that this guide actually worked. I've done all of the recommended steps, yet the submitted data through the form is still not showing on the designated board it is pointed to. I sincerely need assistance with getting your tool's integration setup so that it works correctly, consistently.

    For over a month now, I've tried to make the integration work seamlessly, with no luck. I would be happy to demonstrate this frustrating issue with someone on Jotform's development team, as it is difficult to explain with only words. I welcome any Technical Support or Development assistance.

  • mikaylagarvey

    It would be extremely helpful if there was a document that outlined the various Monday column types with their Jotform field counterparts. In testing the integration compatibility, our team has been impressed overall, but it would certainly make building different forms a lot easier to know what will & will not 'sync' well between the two tools.

    For example, a nested dropdown list in Jotform does not play well with the intended column in Monday for user support intake requests.

    If this already exists & I'm overlooking a knowledge article somewhere, it would be nice to be pointed in the correct direction; however, if it doesn't exist, I'm sure that it would be time well-invested to help market Jotform's amazing capabilities.

    We chose Jotform over Zendesk for many reasons, but simply because the customization was unparalleled between the two. So, just food for thought!

  • willowprocessing

    Can we use a Jotform submission to create a new board?

  • Gestora

    I ve made every steps and concluded the integration but, it doens't update the information on Monday, could u help me?

  • jscottsmith

    I've set it up and mapped the fields and nothing is getting through to Monday. No errors, but no data wither. Any ideas?


    Does your integration support attachments?

  • allsquarempls

    seem to be having an issue with the DateTime field reflecting the correct time in the transfer over to monday board, -5 hours off. assumed one platform might be set to GMT, but both jotform and are set to the correct time zone, and the integration with google calendar (also set to the correct time zone) reflects the correct time when it creates the appointment. any idea how to remedy the monday time disparity?

  • thermatru

    Not all boards are showing in the drop down to select from - any idea why?

  • jvrphoto

    Multi-line elements, Yes/No fields among others don't seem to be supported. Could you provide a list of supported form elements that will work with

  • dhamataimoveis