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Adding assignees to your form

Adding assignees to your form

JotForm offers our users many different ways to share their forms. If someone needs to fill out your forms regularly, such as people who report you, you may want to use our Assign Forms feature. 

With Assign Forms, you can share forms with specific people, easily keep track of your submissions, and set up reminder emails. Assign Forms also makes it easier for your assignees to access the forms they need to complete. They can even fill out forms offline with the JotForm Mobile Forms app.

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There are two different ways to assign people to forms: through email or via a link.

Adding assignees through email

The most basic way to assign a form is by email.

1. Go to the Form Builder, and open the form that you want to assign.

2. Click on the Publish tab.

3. Click on Assign Form in the left menu.

4. Enter the email addresses of the people you want to assign your form to.

5. If you have a long list of assignees, you can upload a CSV file instead.

Adding assignees via a link(sharing your form with a link)

You can create an Assign Form link. Anyone who has the link can become an assignee. To get this link

1. Go to the Form Builder, and open the form that you want to assign.

2. Click on the Publish tab.

3. Click on Assign Form in the left menu. 

4. Click the Copy Link button, and share the link with other people.

Please note that your assignees will need a JotForm account to fill out assigned forms. If they don't have a JotForm account, they will be asked to create one after they click on the link you share with them.

We hope this guide is helpful. If you have any questions about the Assign Forms feature, feel free to contact us on our forum!

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  • hangwtw

    That'd be nice if assignee do not need to login/create a Jotform account. Is that something you are considering for the future?

  • Kate Almanza


    Some of our sales team members are using the JOT form to do their sales reports but the sales manager is not receiving them. They seem to be going into Cyberspace. Neither sales leadership or the sales rep is receiving the JOT form. How do we correct this?

  • HuttonSafetyGroup

    Hey guys! Great job on the Assign Forms launch :)

    I have one quick question. If you assign someone a form like this via desktop, will the notification they receive prompt them to just access the form on desktop or will it direct to the mobile forms app? We'd like to start encouraging all of our users to have the app, but in past conversations I know if you assign on desktop, it will direct them to use desktop browsers for their forms. Is there a way to select, say "I want to assign this form via Mobile Forms" while entering email addresses via desktop?



  • opinion3d

    Hi, is it possible to get the email sent to the assignee in another language than English !