What is the Difference between Jotform Enterprise and Standard

September 19, 2022

Our traditional, standard plans (Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold) are single-user plans that run on shared servers and come with online-only support.

Jotform Enterprise is our only multi-user plan where an admin can assign access-level controls to users, and users can collaborate with other users. It runs on a server dedicated to your organization, at a Google Cloud data center at a location of your choosing, to ensure you comply with country-specific (e.g., Australia, Canada, UK, etc.) data residency and privacy rules. It also comes with access to a dedicated Enterprise Customer Success Team who will help you fix any issues you may run into while building your forms or setting up your Enterprise-level settings.

Here is a breakdown of features and how they differ between our Standard Plans and Enterprise:

 Jotform Standard (Free/Bronze/Silver/Gold)Jotform Enterprise
Easiest Drag-and-Drop Form Builder
PDF Builder
Mobile Forms
Payment Integrations 
3rd Party Integrations 
Server Environment SharedDedicated to your Organization
 Server Location OptionsEU/US Full compliance with country-specific data residency requirements
HIPAA + GDPR 1 (Optional)
Multiple Users 
Shared Access to Forms and Submissions 
Server Administration 
SSO Login (Optional)
SSO for Forms (Optional)
Custom Domain Name 
Customized Form Link
White Label 
Service Level Agreement (SLA) 
Customized Agreement 
24/7 Online Support
Direct Support Contact, Phone Support 
UNLIMITED Submissions 

1 With the Enterprise package, you get an option to choose a location for a dedicated server that allows installing HIPAA within the EU region.

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