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Jotform Apps allows you to build and customize a free app in seconds with no coding. Share your projects, bundle links, and more — all from a single app that can be downloaded on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Embed App to Website
Forms +10,000 Form Templates
Templates +600 App Templates
Link Scheduling
Button & Font Styles
Custom Backgrounds
Collect Payments 30+ (including all Linktree has) Square, Paypal, Stripe (Coming Soon)
Collect Emails and Phone Numbers
Multiple Pages
Affiliate Program
Newsletter email signup Available with buttons
Google Analytics
Map Field
Prepared Layouts
Save & Continue
Embed Image & Video
Bio Description
Unlimited links
QR code
Create a custom bio link
Create links
Create social media links
Link Thumbnail
Adding Text
Custom App Design
Sensitive Content Warning
Link Password Protection
Adding Music Services Links

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Responsive Design

Build Once, Use Anywhere

Jotform Apps is perfect for creating a one-stop-shop for all your creative projects. Share your videos, articles, recipes, merchandise, social media accounts, and more — or simply bundle all your external links together in one place. You can also create custom URLs for individual forms and pages to make sharing even easier.

Easy to Publish & Share

Sharing is easy with Jotform Apps. Once you publish your app, just copy and paste the app link in your social media bio, email newsletter, or website — and users can instantly access and download your app on any device. You can also generate scannable QR codes to attach to flyers and business cards.

Get Paid Through Forms

With 30+ payment gateways to choose from — including Square, PayPal, and Stripe — you can seamlessly collect payments, tips, and donations from your fans and followers directly through your app with no additional transaction fees.

App Designer

Create a Custom App in Seconds

Get started with one of 600+ free app templates, or create a custom app in seconds with our drag-and-drop app builder. With the tap of a button, you can bundle forms, documents, and links in a single app that works on any device.

Data Protection

Privacy Options

Want to control who can access and use your app? With Jotform Apps’ advanced privacy options, you can share your app with customers, set it to private use, or limit it to internal use within your organization.

Choose from 600+ Free App Templates

Choose from more than 600 templates to help you get started on your first no-code app. Select a free app template and customize it in seconds with our drag-and-drop App Builder.

Event Registration App

Make it easy to organize your events with an app you can publish in one click. Register new guests, find sponsors and receive feedback, and more.

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Instagram Bio Link App

Create an app and share it to your Instagram bio. Customize it to include any forms, links, or other information you want.

See All App Templates

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