When a spreadsheet isn’t enough for your team

Collect, organize, and manage data in an all-in-one workspace. Share in one click for seamless collaboration. See your data differently with Jotform Tables.

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Discover Jotform Tables in 2 minutes!

Discover Jotform Tables in 2 minutes!

Transform your data into a powerful workspace in seconds.

Online Form


The possibilities are endless!

Process Online Form Responses

Create an online form to collect responses and auto-populate your tables with submission data.

Import Existing Data

Import CSV or Excel files directly into Jotform Tables to work with your existing data.

Enter Data Manually

Add new entries by hand — or update your tables as you go!

Online Forms
Online Forms

Collect data quickly & easily

Gather data through custom online forms. Responses will automatically appear in Jotform Tables, ready for you and your team to use.

Here’s how to get started:

  • 1

    Create an online form with our Form Builder and share it with teammates or clients via link, on social media, or by embedding it in your website.

  • 2

    Submissions will automatically appear in your Jotform Tables database.

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Sharing & Collaboration
Sharing & Collaboration

Keep your team on the same page

Share your tables to quickly collaborate with teammates, colleagues, and clients. Customize access settings to control who can view or edit your Jotform Tables workspace.

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Organize data with ready-to-use column types

Creating the perfect table doesn’t require any coding. Get a head start on organizing your data by choosing from a variety of readymade column types and selecting the one that best suits your needs!

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Templates to match your every need

Expertly manage your data in no time with Jotform’s ready-to-use templates.

Discover All Templates
Social Media

Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is used to plan and schedule social media posts in advance. Whether you’re a blogger, Instagram influencer, or social media manager for a marketing team, make your brand become the next trending topic with our free Social Media Calendar Template. All you have to do is fill out the form with information about an upcoming post, select the appropriate content type and social media channels, and provide publishing time and date details.

Sales CRM

Sales CRM

Collect, track, and manage your business leads with an online Sales CRM table. Enter lead details manually, or connect this template with a custom contact form or lead gen form. Then embed the form in your website to collect new leads and sync them to your Jotform Tables workspace! With all of your CRM info securely stored in one place, you can quickly follow up on leads or assign them to teammates.

Human Resources

Recruitment Tracker

Track job applications, interviews, and candidate contact details online with this Recruitment Tracker! Just enter candidate info by hand, or connect the template with your online job application form to add new candidates automatically. You can view all applications in side-by-side columns to quickly compare and contrast skills and determine the best candidate for the role — an easy way to save time and improve your recruitment process.

Project Management

Issue Tracker Template

If you work in IT, use this Issue Tracker template to track bugs and feature issues, assign them to team members, and monitor their progress. You can fill out the template manually with new task information, upload an existing CSV or Excel file, or connect it with an IT request form to update your table automatically! All entries are securely stored in your Jotform account, helping you keep your entire team in the loop, ensure no task is missed, and prioritize items in your workflow.

Office Inventory

Office Inventory Template

An office inventory template is used to keep track of office items, for personal or business use. It can be used to improve your company’s office inventory management system, to organize your office at home, or to keep track of items in the event of an insurance claim — either at home or in the workplace. With our free Office Inventory Template, you can easily keep track of office items as well as their owners, serial numbers, and dates of purchase.

User Feedbacks

Great Tool
During COVID-19

Jotform Tables has been a great tool during this COVID-19 period. It’s helped me to share and retrieve data for my programs, projects, and thesis work. It is easy to use and very convenient. The price is also great for students. It is easy to share and has many features for managing your data. Kudos to the Jotform team for the marvellous work done. I look forward to more great and exciting features.

Michael Lowas
Michael Lowas
Adventist University of Africa

Helps Me Organize and
Edit My Data

Previously when a submission was made, it may have had an error — this sometimes caused confusion, since I had to edit the form and send new notifications to the manager and the form submitter. Now all I have to do is open my tables and edit or add the data myself, and the system updates instantly. This is a GREAT add-on tool, and it is capable of doing much more for users. Thank you Jotform.

R Brian Cooper
R Brian Cooper
Agility Association of Canada

Customization Options

I find Jotform Tables extremely useful. The customization options are awesome. It meets all of my needs. I cannot think of what can be improved, but I am sure Jotform is able to surprise me with more improvements.

Joseph Agius
Joseph Agius
Global Institute of Theology-Malta

Very Clear, Easy-to-Use
Modern Database

We have been Jotform users for years and have watched the platform change in a myriad of ways. Just one of those ways is the new Jotform Tables. It’s amazing! Very clear, easy to use, and mimics modern database programs. They have saved us a ton of time.

Mark Pollock
Mark Pollock
Hurley Roberts Service

Saves Me
A Lot of Time

I volunteer to run a scholarship fund at my firm. Jotform Tables has allowed me to collect and analyze data from applicants, and then seamlessly integrate it into other reports and communications related to the scholarship fund. The feature has saved me a lot of time and helps me organize the applications and efficiently present them to our scholarship committee.

Kathleen Mumma
Kathleen M.
Needham & Co

Easy Access to My Data
At Any Time

I personally have found Jotform Tables invaluable to help me with organization. The information stored on the Jotform database allows me to access it at any time with minimal fuss. Jotform staff have always been available to help me. They are a great team to deal with, which is a rarity in this modern age of computers. Well done to all concerned at Jotform.

Bill Furey
Bill Furey

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