SensePass FAQs

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  • What is SensePass?

    SensePass is a secure online payment platform that provides a centralized hub for digital payments of any kind. With a plethora of contactless options, customers can make payments using terminals, QR codes, or omnichannel tools and choose any wallet where they have funds — whether it’s Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc. Plus, your organization can view all payment activity in the handy SensePass dashboard for easy management.

  • How does SensePass work?

    Using SensePass is simple. Customers tap their phone on any SensePay enabled device, and the app opens on their phone’s web browser — no installation necessary. Customers then choose their preferred digital wallet or card and make payments instantly.

  • Which currencies can be transferred to your SensePass account?

    The following currencies can be transferred to your SensePass account: U.S. dollars, euros, Canadian dollars, and Israeli shekel.

  • How do I integrate SensePass with my online form?

    You can integrate and set up SensePass for Jotform in just a few simple steps. Please visit How to Integrate SensePass With Jotform for instructions.

  • How do I receive money using SensePass?

    Receiving money using SensePass is simple. SensePass’s handy Transaction API allows developers to create payment requests and accept payments within the SensePass network. Customers are authenticated using a variety of methods, and funds are transferred to your SensePass account, available for you to withdraw at any time.

  • What information do I need for a SensePass payment?

    The only information a customer needs to make a SensePass payment is their banking information for initial purchases. They can fill out their credit card, e-wallet, or cryptocurrency information securely to make payments from the processor of their choice — it’s that easy!