Verifone FAQs

See the most FAQs about Verifone and get the answers. Or directly learn from our 24/7 support team!

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  • What is Verifone (formerly 2Checkout)?

    Verifone is an all-in-one monetization platform founded in 1981 that allows businesses to expand internationally and optimize their recurring revenue streams. Since acquiring 2Checkout in 2020, Verifone now allows merchants to accept online credit card payments from customers at home and abroad.

  • How to integrate Verifone with my form?

    You can find step by step instructions by following our guide on how to integrate 2Checkout (now Verifone) with your form.

  • Is Verifone available in my country?

    Verifone is available in more than 200 countries. See the list of countries currently supported by Verifone by clicking on the link.

  • What type of payments can I collect?

    You can:

    1. Sell online products
    2. Sell subscriptions
    3. Sell merchandise
    4. Collect donations online
    5. Let users make a custom payment
  • What payment methods are supported by Verifone?

    Verifone supports over 45 payment methods, from standard credit/debit cards or PayPal to regional payment methods or online wallets, depending on the plan you choose. See the complete list of Verifone payment methods.

  • Are there any additional transaction fees?

    No, Jotform does not collect any additional transaction fees to integrate with Verifone payment.

  • Are payments secure?

    Yes, payments are secure. Both Jotform and Verifone are PCI DSS Service Provider Level I compliant, so you can securely accept online payments. For more information, see Jotform’s security policy.

  • Can I process refunds using Jotform?

    No, you cannot process refunds via Jotform. You can process refunds directly from your Verifone Control Panel.

  • Can I test the Verifone integration?

    Yes, you can test it in Sandbox Mode with dummy credit card information before going live.

  • Does Verifone support drop-shipping?

    Find out how to get your Verifone account approved for drop-shipping in this video.

  • How much does Verifone cost?

    Verifone only charges fees per successful sale: 2.4%–3.9% plus 30¢–45¢, respectively, depending on the seller’s country, industry, and business model. For home currency conversion, an average fee of 2%–5% is billed on top of the daily bank exchange rate. Users who process over $50,000 monthly may contact Verifone’s sales team for volume-based pricing.