Why Should You use JotForm for Your Donation Forms?

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and few know the depths of this cold truth better than nonprofits. The lights need to stay on, salaries need to be paid, fundraising events need to be organized and executed, and the core work of the organization’s goal needs to be carried out. Nonprofits rely on the generous donations of companies and individuals, and do a lot of work to get them to the point of taking out their credit card.

Now that they’re interested in donating and are clicking to view your nonprofit’s donation form — let’s get them to actually donate, increase the average donation amount, and have them commit to continued engagement with your organization. JotForm, the online form builder of choice for nonprofits, is the tool that you need to reach your goals. Let’s explore what JotForm has to offer.

JotForm is a no-fee solution for your donation forms.

Unlike other donation form options, JotForm does not take a cut from your donations. For example, Eventbrite charges a service fee of 2.5% from the price of each ticket plus an additional $0.99 per ticket is taken out of the amount paid and goes straight to Eventbrite, charging you up to $9.95 per ticket sold. JotForm charges zero for service or ticket fees! It’s a clear choice for nonprofits interested in keeping more of their donations.

Whether you’re selling tickets for a fundraising event or are seeking a straightforward donation — know that JotForm integrates with over a dozen payment processors, including PayPal and Stripe, to conduct payments safely and securely. JotForm allows users to collect 10 payments per month for free, and offer affordable paid plan options.

JotForm makes it easy to add a donation form on your website.

Not only can a donation form be created with JotForm in just minutes, but it can also be easily shared as a standalone link. If you’d rather the form be placed on your website, all you need to do is copy and paste the embed code where you want it to appear. There’s no dealing with the hassle that can come with other donation form options, like installing plug-ins and dealing with widgets.

Adding your donation form to your website instead of having visitors leave your site to visit another link reduces drop-offs. You want visitors to stay on your website, not only because it encourages donations if they trust your organization, but also because they can conveniently read more about your nonprofit and further engage with it.

JotForm offers custom branding options to make your donation form reflect your organization’s look.

JotForm has the most advanced Form Designer available. Not only can you create mobile-optimized forms so that people can view and donate through your form on all devices, but you can also upload your nonprofit’s logo, images, branding, color schemes, and fitting fonts. Whether you’d like your form’s background to be images of your organization in action or match your website, the form designer allows you to make your form beautiful with simple point-and-click technology. Simply put, make your form look the best it can be with JotForm.

Creating custom form fields, suggested giving levels, and recurring gifts is a breeze with JotForm. Want to know how well your donation form is performing? JotForm’s Form Analytics is always accessible from your JotForm dashboard.

JotForm also offers a great selection of Donation Form Templates. Check them out.

Does your organization use JotForm for donations? Tell us about your experience below!

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