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How to Create a CSV Report

How to Create a CSV Report

When asked for a report of the submissions, there is no need to go through the tedious process like before. With JotForm, you can now generate reports in no time. One of the most common formats used in reports is a CSV. Below, you will find the steps on how to create a CSV report:

  1. Go to the My Forms page.
  2. Select the form you want to generate a report from.
  3. Click the Reports menu.
  4. Then click Add New Report.
    My Forms Reports Menu
    My Forms Reports Menu
  5. Select CSV Report on the Create a new report modal pop-up.
    Create New CSV Report
    Create New CSV Report
  6. Next will be the CSV Report setup page, which is divided into 3 sections.
    Create CSV Report Select Fields
    Create CSV Report Select Fields
    1. Report Name - type the name of the report that will be shown under the Reports menu on the My Forms page.
    2. Fields - include or exclude fields and other information such as Submission ID, Submission Date, or IP address.
    3. Report Configurations - enable or disable additional report settings to your preference.
      Password protection - an optional but added layer of security.

    Click the Create button at the bottom to finish the setup.

  7. After clicking the Create button, you will be prompted that the CSV Report is ready. On the same pop-up, you will see the link to the CSV Report that you created. There is also a button to copy that link, (a) and a button to download the report. (b)
    Create CSV Report Ready
    Create CSV Report Ready

    Click the close (X) icon at the top-right corner to close the pop-up.

Create New CSV Report Sample

Create New CSV Report Sample

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  • Rls

    I need to edit and save specific column labels for the csv export. Is this supported?

  • Muhammodu Giwa

    If new forms are completed after the report link is created, will the new information
    be compiled into the report?

  • wassajja

    l like to show me how classified csv looks

  • jon2263

    Another one for the CSV Dropbox integration, this would really make life SOOOOO much easier!!

  • mservice

    Please ADD the 'Excel and CSV Report -> Dropbox' integration!!!!!

  • SueJ

    Is there any way to select a subset of submissions for the report?

    It would be nice to have a graphic showing what a sample report would look like. Also, what is the advantage of a CSV report vs. Excel?

  • kubrasurer

    Ana sayfada Report sekmesini göremiyorum. Ayrıca birden fazla form oluşturamıyorum. ; yardımcı olursanız sevinirim