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How to Create a Dropdown List in JotForm Tables

How to Create a Dropdown List in JotForm Tables

In business, keeping track of the status of your projects is one of the critical factors to achieving success. But this can be challenging, especially if you rely on multiple tools. JotForm Tables makes it easy to track your projects. All you have to do is add new columns, share your tables with your employees, and start collaborating. 

Let’s assume that your clients use a Website Intake Form to submit the service(s) they need with their budget range, the deadline, etc. Once clients submit this form, your employees begin to work on these requests. One of the things they have to do is add the status of each project. But instead of adding the status as a field in the form, they can add it directly to the table. 

First, prepare your table. Add the new column, and select Single Selection as the column type.

To add a column, please follow the steps from this guide: How to Add and Organize Columns in JotForm Tables.

The status options can be Pending, In Progress, Declined, Canceled, and Done. You can also add a column for the names of the employees and a Long Text column for them to add their comments. 

The table will look like this:

You can see the Status, Employee, and Comments & Updates columns. These columns are frozen, so they stay on the left when the project managers scroll the table to look at the other details.

Related guide: How to Freeze and Unfreeze Columns in JotForm Tables.

Now, you need to share the table with your project managers. Follow the steps from the following guide: How to Share Your JotForm Tables and Collaborate.

Once employees have access to the table, they can start editing it to change the status of each project request and provide comments and updates.

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  • Pgentile46336

    How do you go in and edit an existing dropdown list. For instance I set up a Status column and now I want to edit it and add another function. For some reason I can't seem to find a way to see an edit button.

    Also this data base management tool is fantastic! When are you going to set up multi factor authentication in JOTFORM? If you did then, there is no need for a separate stand alone integration with any other case management system like Airtable. This would be a game changer, since we would not have to use slow key encryption as a security feature.